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Tanisha Porter, CEO, Natural Born Organizers

Organizing Your Life: The Natural Way!

I heard it once said, 


"A place for everything and to everything its place." 

However, finding the right place for everything can be a very difficult task to conquer for many of us. Our home offices tend to disappear beneath a barrage of unnecessary papers, files and/or boxes; ones we haven't sorted out in days, months or even years. Our bedrooms and closet spaces seem to lack the efficiency that we sit and wish for while watching make-over shows on the Style Network saying to ourselves, "Why can't that be MY room their recreating?" It seems the more we try to think to organize our lives the harder it is to accomplish. Alternatively, maybe you're the one in every ten that finally mustered up the fortitude to tackle said task and then fell way to that ugly demon called Maintenance. Wherever you fall, most of us have been in a place where organization wasn't our strong suite. It wasn't something that came naturally for us, as the ability to become disorganized seem to have come. 


Well for Los Angeles native, Tanisha Porter, this simply is not the case! As a wife, mother of two, working girl, active member of her church home, teacher, and CEO of her newfound business, Natural Born Organizers, Tanisha manages to keep all balls going with very little effort...at least to most. With a motto like, 


''Organization isn't perfection; it's efficiency!" 


It's no wonder that Tanisha is ridding the world of clutter, disarray, and disorganized lives one room at a time. As a vying member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Tanisha not only is building a brand that is buzzing on everyone's lips but has taken to the class room as well. Helping others learn the skill of organization, Porter teaches a hand-crafted class in organization at West LA College. With one foot in the entrepreneurial field of organization and buisness; the other in the home of her own famiy household, Tanisha is one step closer to becoming one of the most valued experts in the world of the unorganized. 


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