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Tanisha and Dana on their wedding day.

Organizing Your Life: The Natural Way!

DJ: When you’re not being a mom or a wife or a fabulous natural born organizer, what do you do to relax? What does “me time” for you look like?

TP: As of late it’s watching shows I use to watch growing up. Right now it’s Wonder Woman; it brings me joy. The other show is Will & Grace, it simply makes me laugh. Lastly, if I’m not watching old TV shows, being in my garden brings me joy as well; that’s my happy place.

DJ: What is one fun fact about Tanisha Porter?

TP: Oh my gosh, let’s see… I wanted to be a track and field Olympian when I was younger. I ran track as a kid and I always wanted to go to the Olympics.

DJ: What is one fact about you, OTHER people wouldn’t expect you to share?

TP: I don’t know if this is good or not but I’m trying my hardest not to use foul language as much as I use to. In college I had such a potty mouth and I’m a LOT better than I was when I was in my twenties. I’m not perfect but I am working on that. Definitely not where I would like to be but better than I was.

DJ: Even though you are a professional organizer, what is the one place you find you have trouble keeping organized yourself?

TP: My garage. So many boxes and things to still go through.

DJ: Being married, how does your husband support you in this business venture?

TP: You know what? He really is a blessing. There is a certain entrepreneurial spirit in me and he definitely sees and is supportive of it. I never feel like when I tell him an idea he’s rolling his eyes at me. He has the utmost confidence in me and I guess because the ideas I have, he’s seen me work in those capacities and do well. I couldn’t ask for a better husband.

DJ: Having 2 children, do you see in them the organizing gene that your maternal grandmother passed down to you?

TP: Initially I would say NO! However observing them both over time I think there MIGHT be. It just needs to be nurtured in both of them. Now, my husband? You can forget it!

DJ: If you could choose a mentor in your life, who would that be?

TP: Oprah Winfrey. She has a mindset of success and she’s not afraid to fail and I just feel like that is contagious. I would love to just sit and talk with her, one on one.

DJ: Lastly, what is the one thing you hope for in all the world?

TP: I hope that when I see my Saviors face that He’s going to say, “Well Done.” That He’s going to be pleased with the things I’ve done here on earth. Whether with work, my business, church, my family or people that I know, I just want Him to be proud. It’s all for that really. 




"It's all for that..."


Powerful words from a powerful woman! Tanisha Porter continues to build and brand Natural Born Organizers in the greater Los Angeles area and resides with her family in Windsor Hills, CA. Being able to sit with Tanisha and talk about her business and her life was such an amazing experience! It is very clear that she truly know's how to make her clients feel comfortable and capable of living a more organized life; giving them simple tools that are easy to use and grasp to ensure their life is filled with easy-breezy living and much less of the "Lazy Clutter" we seem to fill it with. Life seems to be much easier when you have a natural born organizer in your corner showing you how to organize your life the natural way!!!


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