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Discipline for the Desperate

It's a brand new day and #Day3 of a a 5 day food fast!!! Every year my church does a month long fast with a different focus each week. We go through a time of sacrifice from things like food, electronics, secular music, gossip and in all of that push ourselves to pay it forward with the love of Jesus Christ.

Now in all seriousness the rumbling in my stomach let's me know that right now at 12:04pm, as I write this blog, FOOD is suppose to be sliding down my throat! However there is something that happens when you force yourself to stick to something more than just the primordial need to give in to your desires. How often do our desires pitch us back and forth like a tennis ball being swatted across the court? It's almost as if we really have no will of our own because most of our lives are lived doing what our desires dictate.

There's nothing wrong with a small indulgence every once in a while: buying a new pair of shoes, having a nice dinner, that extra scoop of ice cream after a long and stressful day; yet when we take the time to discipline ourselves amazing things happen in our lives. Doors begin to open that we never thought possible. Life seems to move in a way that seems more organic and freeing, although none of this comes without it's struggle, but it's all about discipline.

That's the key folks: DISCIPLINE!!! All of us have an area that we aren't as disciplined in as we would like to be. We all have that closet that has waited on us to clean it for over a year, that book we meant to write but never got around to. The exercise regime that we promised ourselves we would start and keep up with. Different as it may be for everyone reading this the overall issue is the same. Lack of discipline. So whether you're a bible thumping church goer or a free thinking, non-religious Atheist, or even a spiritual Agnostic, the idea of fasting can be beneficial in all our lives.

It's the basic idea of giving up something for a bigger purpose. Now granted in addition to my church's particular fast there is praying involved and scripture reading to help keep us focused on our spiritual goals, but if that's just something that you aren't comfortable with then find something else that encourages you while you're fasting.

All in all this time of sacrifice for me reminds me how much more I'm capable of when I set a goal and fight myself to keep with it. It isn't always easy (as I STILL sit here wanting to stuff my face with the most LAVISH of foods) but in the end I find, it's ALWAYS worth the discipline!!!

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