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Being Marry Jane...No Thanks!

So as I sat with my aunt and cousin to watch a DVRasode of the BET drama Being Mary Jane, there were a few things that came to my mind. As I'm sure that needing to watch the 2 hour movie special that proceeded this weekly show would have been beneficial, I figure I've watched enough television to give my opinion on a show that doesn't really have an extensive story.

The episode picks up on the life of Miss Mary Jane Paul after she confesses to a woman in a pet shop during a previous episode that she has been sleeping with her husband. She apprently picks up a new beau with some very interesting new rules: Casual sex, a few dates and no questions asked. Add in the fact that she had been banging the married man for 4 consecutive months with NO clue that he was married, her being a news reporter that's very well known, and friendships that leave no room for us to envy, we have ourselves a full on pot of great tv...right?

Although Gabrielle Union is quite a beautiful woman and in her own right successful; being that she's been in quite a few films, commercials and has had several spots on tv programming, she isn't the type of actress that pulls me in completely to any world she's a part of. I watched as her life vacillated between saucy/sexy and boring/brash. The new beau has invited her to a concert causing Miss Mary to take on that internal struggle of whether or not she can REALLY have a casual dating thing OR if she's fooling herself into some sort of fantasy that, given recent events, will soon unravel terribly. Her job heats up as a hurrican story puts her LIVE on air with an old couple in the middle of the storm on the brink of death, for which her friend and executive producing co-worker is milking every minute for ratings. Her overbearing mother continues to call only to get a few minutes of Miss Paul's time before she abruptly hangs up on her. And of course all of this while Mr. Married tries crawling back to her and his wife looking to get some deep understanding of the mistress she knew nothing about. Fast forward: She missed the date with the new beau, flipped the script and caught unentitled feelings, she then gets pissed at how her executive producer used this poor old couple (who are probably dead in florida) to save their jobs, and she ends up in the public shower room of her gym getting it in with the married man she vowed she was done with.

Oh! Did I forget to mention the friend who started off the episode with a failed suicide attempt via an overdose?

Here's my thing, was I captivated by the episode? Sure. Was I fascinated by the show? Not really. There will never be a new plot created in this life! Every movie or show you can think of is nothing more than a recycled story with a twist. Nonetheless, it's the twists that cause for us to be enthralled and make for great tv or film. This episode was like a Where's Waldo of television; I sat there figuring out what was going to happen just to be proven that it wasn't really that big a deal once I found it.

I often start heated debates at the shows that I don't deem watchable, i.e. The Have's And The Have Not's, and I always say the same thing:

"What show isn't going to make you watch if they have great sex scenes?"

I can't help but enjoy great writing and great scenarios so I'll be sticking to my Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes formula. I will say however, Being Marry Jane is a cute show for BET and if you have nothing better to do and you're only option is watch paint dry or watch tv, this is a good show to enjoy.

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