• Danyol Jaye

Calling All Soldiers!!!

There are so many moments in our lives when we feel like there is no purpose in living. Our problems from last year roll over to this year and we're stuck thinking:

"Is God punishing me for something?"

However, I believe that no matter what the situation, issue, or problem there is always a way to find something to be thankful for. Something that will allow us the ability to sit back and say, "I'm fabulous!!!" And mean it.

I have been branding a movement called the Awesome and Amazing Movement. It is a mindset movement that allows for people to see the greatness in their daily lives; to know that no matter what, we ARE awesome and amazing. I call those who are a part of this movement my Triple A Soldiers and it is their responsibility to spread this message and mindset to everyone they come into contact with. Why is this so important you ask? Everything we know today started with a dream, a mindset; it started as a mere thought in the back of someone's mind. Without those thoughts and dreams there would be no computers, no cars, no fashion, no sports, no education, etc.

It is our minds that unlock the most impossible of possibilities! It is there where we find the ability to take that dream and turn it into a reality. So here's my goal: to contaminate the world with awesomness and amazingness one person at a time!!! It's about time for us to take hold of our lives and begin living a life that God intended for us to live. We may not all be destined to be the richest or the most famous but whatever our destiny is we WERE meant to be satisfied and content therein. So as you read this post remember one thing: You ARE Awesome and Amazing; It's a lifestyle choice! What do you choose?

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