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Phaedra Parks Husband, Apollo, At It Again...

Apparently no matter how long you travel the good road, bad habits are hard to break. Apollo Nida, husband to Bravo TV's Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Phaedra Parks, is in the hot seat yet again. According to Mail Daily, Apollo was interigated by US Marshalls in Atlanta, GA on Thursday and charged with bank fraud and identity theft! Gee Apollo, you couldn't pick a felony you HAVEN'T already committed?

According to Access Atlanta, Apollo allegedly opened up fake businesses which gained him access to databases in which he found individuals to "rip off". The site is also noted as saying that he opened fake bank accounts under real names and funneled US Treasury checks and auto loan proceeds into those accounts. I guess we know what he was carrying in that backpack of his!!!

Named by another culprit, Gayla St. Julien, who was the orginial target in the investigation; Gayla says that she was Nida's right hand b**** when it came to doing the dirty work schemed up by Apollo himself. After realizing that she was being thrown bones compared to what Apollo was making, as she told investigators, I guess she had no problem laying it ALL out on the line!!!

Having served time in prison (2004-2009) for auto title fraud before, the reality co-star is out on pretrial bail with a $25,000 bond on his head as he awaits a preliminary hearing set for Feburary 12. Having married Phaedra Parks after his release in 2009, for which Phaedra was his attending attorny, we are anxious to know how Miss Parks plans to represent her husband this go round. With two young boys, Aiden (3 yrs old) and Dylan (10 months old) we are hoping, for their sake, the apple falls far from the tree.

Although these are all simply allegations at this point in time, you have to admit that it's quite odd that Apollo would be pulled into the SAME type of ordeal that he spent 5 years in prison for. With a knack for numbers do you think Apollo can figure out how long he'll get if convicted? Poor Apollo, I wonder who's backpack he's going to borrow now.....

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