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Celebrity Deathmatch: DMX vs Zimmerman: Are They Serious?

To even post this saddens me, however it is my job to bring to you my opinions about the things happening in the world of entertainment; no matter how utterly ridiculous I think it is!

According to TMZ, celebrity boxing promotor Damon Feldmon is putting together a match that millions want to see: DMX vs George Zimmerman! That's right! 3 rounds between an outdated rapper and an "innoncent" murderer with a daddy who has legal connections in his corner. Now if you can only imagine the face and the profanities that came forth out of my mouth as I heard about this, you already know where this post is going. Let's look at my problems with all of this one by one shall we?

Problem #1: Since when does murduring a 16 year old kid, getting a DUI, and committing countless other acts of utter atrocity make someone a celebrity? The fact that we continue to add a minute to the already unnecessary 15 minutes of fame given to Zimmerman is beyond madness to me! Do we have no respect for the fact that someone has lost his life because of this man? And now we reward him with media coverage as a celebrity? I CAN'T!!!

Problem #2: DMX is doing this because he's quoted as saying that he wants to, "F**k Zimmerman up!" I'm sure there are a drove of people that want to see this happen due to the anger they have for GZ but really? DMX? Iyanla has already proven to the public that DMX is completely off his rocker and probably not a stable man. Aside from the fact that he's 43; Zimmerman being only 30, it's ironic that he can take a stand for Trayvon's murder but fail to take care of his own kids and family issues.

Problem #3: Sources say that win or lose Zimmerman can expect a hefty check after this fight. So not only are we giving this man time on our television sets but we're also aiding him in taking on a title that he doesn't deserve for being something that none of us would want sitting in our living room! How much is he getting paid you ask? I don't know, however, my question to you is: DO WE REALLY CARE!!! The man murdered someone and is now some media pop star!!!

All in all I can't say that I'll be watching this event because it sickens me to even write about it. Yet, sources say that Zimmerman's chances of winning the match may be increased due to the fact that he's been heavily training for months now. Time, date and location of the event will be announced next Wednesday during a news conference according to TMZ.

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