• Danyol Jaye

Is Tyler Perry Doing Too Much?

Blogs are buzzing with the news that Tyler Perry will be premiering his new talk show on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network next Tuesday after his show The Haves And The Have Nots.

A lot of fans feel like Perry may be doing a bit too much with a zillion TV sitcoms, movies, plays and even books. How in the world will he have the time to give us a quality talk show? I don't know how I feel about whether or not the show will last because after all it is on his BFF's network. And even if ratings drop I'm sure he has enough money hisself to keep it going for at least 2 seasons.

Then again, you never know! Tyler has made many strides with black audiences and they love, love, LOVE him and everything he puts out. I personally don't think we need yet ANOTHER talk show host. With veteran's like Ricki Lake having been cancelled for a second time in March of 2013 and new comer Bethenny being cancelled Feb 14 of this year after only one season, I think the competition is quite fierce.

As always I never hate on the hustle of anyone else but I think that Tyler should have sat this one out!

**Photo courtesy of Rucuss.com

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