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Omarosa Takes On The LAUSD

We all know Omarosa Manigault from the reality TV show The Apprentice and has since seen Omarosa make an ass out of herself on talk show after talk show, such as The Wendy Williams Show and Bethenny, bringing drama and unnecessary controversy. Well apparently she is toning down the drama and taking to the political platform as she confirms with theGrio that she will be running for a seat on the Los Angeles Unified School District Board.

Omarosa says she has been an advocate for education long before she was ever on televesion; she grew up in public school systems and knows the struggles that students go through having been raised in the projects herself and having had to navigate through some of those same struggles to reach her success. Greatly encouraged by her church congregation, Omarosa says,

"I gladly answer their call to action. There is nothing more important than fighting for our children."

It isn't a surprise that many are a bit afraid as to what this could mean for LAUSD being that they've not been a huge fan of Omarosa's antics in media thus far. However, I have to say despite her bossy, outlandish and rather abrasive behavior in media she is very much a business woman and could quite possibly make a positive difference. Currently Omarosa sits on the board at Harvard University's MBA Program where she also teaches and has been teaching on the University level for over a decade. I guess if she's good enough for Harvard she's good enough for LAUSD. Former board member, Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte, died this past December leaving an available seat; the winner will serve out the remaining term. Elections are scheduled for June 3.

All I have to say is if Omarosa wins God bless whoever sits on that board with her!!!

**Photo courtesy of MStarz.com

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