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When To Pick Up Your Life and MOVE!

I'm always prone to tell someone that Life moves in one direction: Forward! And if you don't know how to surf that wave you'll drown. However, I sit here in my LA studio about to make one of the biggest moves in my life...LITERALLY! I've been an LA native all my life and I've never really lived anywhere else; there were the months and weeks I'd stay in the bay with my sister but I don't know if that really counts. Anyway, I'm an "Almost 30" looking at my existence and saying to myself:

"What has LA given you?"

And the answer? NOTHING! Sure I've had a few great things happen but professionally I simply feel stifled and stuck in a rut. So I figured if I want things to change I might have to MAKE them change in a big way. That was the first step toward deciding that by next year I'll go from LA native to New York City transplant!

I have friends who have lived and still live there and for the most part they're all very supportive but the one thing I continue to hear is that I need to prepare myself. The constant disclaimers that NYC is NOTHING like LA are more than just a notion. Sometimes I just want to say, "Hey! Are you trying to support me going or scare me into staying?" Although I realize that the big apple is a city full of sink or swim scenarios I look at things a bit differently than most. For the most part I've never really made decisions lightly, I've always planned them out and tried to expect every possible circumstance but how often do our plans in life really work? I find that some of the most successful people had to take a leap of faith and defy the odds to make things happen, and quite frankly, I'm tired of being safe.

People don't really understand how well I UNDERSTAND that NYC is nothing like LA. They tell me that I have to have been there before to understand. I don't necessarily agree! I mean do you have to go to Iraq or Iran to know that it's dangerous and you could possibly lose your life? I didn't think so!

All in all I guess what I really want to do is live the advice I've been giving people for a very long time, which is, you have to allow life to move you where you need to be. Don't stay stuck in a world where your dreams are nothing more than that: A Dream! I don't know what NYC will be like for me, whether I'll be able to make it or not but I do know that I'll never find out staying where I am.

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