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Is Natural Hair Just For Women? Or Can Men Be Down Too?

In recent years women of color have shed their weaves, tossed their press and curls and have raised the banner for Natural Hair. It has become a movement; representing women of color all over the world embracing the power, confidence, and beauty that comes from sporting their hair in its natural state. Some curly, some kinky, some locked and loving it but now the question is being raised: Can men be natural hair advocates too?

As the president of a group called LA Curly Girls, Lydia Boyd has been successful at bringing women together to discuss, embrace and be all about EVERYTHING that is natural hair. Having monthly meetups, endorsing and promoting entreprenuers who carry natrual hair care products, Boyd has been integral in bringing these ladies into a forum and making them part of a community to talk about how to keep their hair healthy while creating a safe place to network with one another. I met up to talk with Lydia and I asked her why she only had events for women? Where were the invites to those men (myself included) who might find something like this valubale and interesting. Her response?

"I would love to have men at my events but I just don't know many natural men who are interested in coming. And those few I DO know feel like it's a 'girl thing'."

That comment got me to thinking: Do men who rock the fro, twist the locks, or even brush the waves consider themselves to have natural hair? Are they so inundated with the media's image of man that they no longer feel their hair is a representation of who they are? Are they not truly concerned about the products that they use? Is there a stigma that society has created to make men feel like meeting up to discuss healthy hair and promote cultural strength, beauty, dignity and pride is something that is a "woman's thing"?

I DON'T THINK SO! As a certified #CurlyGuy myself I am all about healthy hair, products that work and advocating for naturalists of any culture, gender, or orientation that promote individuality, pride and self worth. I refuse to believe that men aren't concerned about healthy hair, especially if they're rocking a style that's more than just a Caesar cut. A meet up for men might be a little different but why can't the genders come together in this movement that is so much MORE than what's between our legs?!

In an effort to prove that we (men AND women) can join forces and take this movement to the next level I've teamed up with miss Lydia Boyd of the LA Curly Girls to recruit Curly Guys/Natural Haired Men who are interested in joining the movement and being a part of a community that's growing at a more than rapid pace. It's time we let inhibitions fall to the waist side as we rock our natural hair styles and let people know everywhere: I ROCK MY NATURAL BECAUSE IT'S BEAUTIFUl, IT'S BOLD, AND BECAUSE I SIMPLY CAN!!!!!!

**For more information on LA Curly Guys or The Natural Men Movement contact On The Jaye Spot HERE

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