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Guess Who Called?! Coffee!

So it took a little over 24 hours but you’ll never guess who called (unless you paid attention to the title of this post)! COFFEE! That’s right! Coffee called to talk about my response that I gave in regards to the dreaded Facebook message {**Please see connected post by clicking HERE**} and I have to say the conversation was actually interesting. Coffee called and said,

“I love how you just went off on me.”

And I responded,

“Was I right in what I assumed?” I asked.

“Somewhat. I mean not completely but somewhat.”

“Do you understand how I came to that conclusion? I mean when I first saw your message I was like ok no problem but then I realized that was the first message you had sent me in almost 3 months and it was a message like THAT.”

A bit of a silence occured, then Coffee said,

“Yea, I never really thought about that. I’m sorry. Part of it was the dating situation,

part of it was the new job and then part of it was just other stuff.”

I have to say hearing those words let me know two things. ONE: I’m not crazy! TWO: obviously there was something about the friendship worth apologizing for. Coffee hadn’t realized yet that I actually deleted Coffee from Facebook. Coffee responded,

“Wait…WHAT! You really unfriended me?! You're not supposed to give up on the friendship lol.”

To which I responded,

“Umm yes! I did! I’m not going to allow you to be a Facebook friend and not a real life friend. Nor am I going to keep the thing that seems to be the root of the issue active. You have to realize that I have not tagged you in any more or any less posts than before. And for the record I didn't give up on the friendship I just removed the thing that apparently was the cause of the issue. Giving up on the friendship would have been me deleting your number from my phone.”

"Oh like that?"


"Lol damn! Love it lol."

And through a few more lines of chatter Coffee realized something; my activity had slightly increased on Facebook while Coffee’s activity had dramatically ceased. Which means Coffee’s perception of me blowing up his page was slightly skewed due to Coffee’s own lack of activity online.

All in all the point of the last post and of course this blurb of an update on the situation is this: Communication is key! You have to know how and when to communicate, especially if you and someone else are calling each other friends. Coffee ultimately apologized and we talked for a pretty lengthy time catching up on the last 2 plus months that we hadn’t spoken. I reminded Coffee that if Coffee was going to continue to be my friend that one thing had to be clear. Friends don’t treat friends like side piece whores. We talk and stay in contact and most importantly stay consistent. I’m glad Coffee called and we were able to discuss this incident, now hopefully we can move forward, grow, and make better choices. Oh and I sent Coffee another friends request lol…

#friendship #relationship #communication

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