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An Open Letter To A Mixed President...

Dear Mr. Mixed President,

I want to say that I am so elated that the United States of America finally has a president that represents most of the Americans that make up this great country. I was a bit apprehensive about you and your campaign at first because I thought they would simply (in the course of your term) label you "The Black President" rather than acknowledging that you're of a Mixed ethnicity. I felt that if America forced you (as they have forced so many of us) to choose one ethnicity over the other that it would somehow cheapen the platform that your parents gave you to stand. That is, being proud of who you are and what you are without apology. It is so very important for any ethnic group to have people of power they can relate to and trust to represent them with honor and integrity. As I'm sure you already know being that you have so proudly represented your Mixedness with the utmost of pride! I thank you so much for that.

I truly felt that White America would focus on the fact that your mother is White as simply a way to ease their troubled minds about having a man, with a darker hue, sit in a seat in which our very constitution implies you were never meant to sit in. So many Mixed Americans can now relate to someone who represents the struggle of living a life blended by multiple ethnic backgrounds; having to be forced to check a box for race and then another for ethnicity as if trying to tell us that we can't be both! We have to choose! Now those days are over! We have a President who will take the platform and bring awareness to an entire ethnic group that goes unnoticed, un-advocated for, and disregarded as simply a group of people who must either deny part of who they are or not be recognized for ALL of who they are. You have brought being Mixed into the spotlight and I'm sure I am not alone in saying THANK YOU!

Little Mixed boys and girls can look up to you as a role model! They too can (even with their mixtures) strive to be the next President of this United States of America! Oh how horrible it would have been for all of the Mixed community to have to hear you be boxed in as "The Black President" simply because you are Ebony skinned; excluding or ignoring your full mixture simply because it is a better political move if you were "the Black President". For you to have to deny or simply ignore such a primary portion that makes you the amazing person that you are today would be unforgivable. It's amazing that America has not allowed the "one drop rule" to totally eviscerate you're Mixedness. I'm proud that we have come into an era where we do not have to address you're White mother as a means to make us more comfortable with someone in your family who's not Black in order to accept your role as the leader of the free world.

I'm sure that it would have been detrimental to this country to have ignored the fact that although we have come quite far with our ethnic and racial battles we have not tried to sweep the struggle under the rug; making it seem as though all minorities: Blacks, Hispanics, Mixed, etc, are on par with our White counterparts. And you continue to be a beacon of light for so many who feel as though their face has never been represented in the White House. On behalf of Mixtures EVERYWHERE I thank you Mr. Mixed President! You are the embodiment of a movement that states being Mixed truly does not go unnoticed, that it is OK to be proud of ALL of who you are. And THAT is the American way!

Sincerely Signed,

A Mixed Boy from Mixed Land

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