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A Belle In Brooklyn Review!

I have gained such a respect, fascination, and inspiration from author, relationship expert and reality TV star, Demetria Lucas!!! I have just finished her wonderful, “VERY well read”, A Belle In Brooklyn and all I can say is that it’s absolutely amazing! It’s a tale of truth and advice; a glimpse into the life of a very well rounded woman of color in the city that never sleeps. It is a piece of work that addresses the global and most frustrating issue to ever touch the human race: Dating!

The recipe of this book is as follows:

  • 1 part funny

  • 1 part serious

  • 2 parts OMG

  • 2 parts talking to my girlfriend (in my head)

  • 2 parts “Are you F’in kidding me!”

All in all a perfect eight, losing two points ONLY because I didn’t want the book to end! The style of the book took some getting used to as it seemed to be a very sporadic read. Then I discovered that this book isn’t linear it’s more like textual vignettes artistically put together to tell a story, advise the masses and thoroughly entertain the reader.

A Belle In Brooklyn is the epitome (to me) of what it means to think like a man and act like a woman without being a gender extremist; hitting on things that both sexes need to know and could learn more about! Lucas candidly expresses her opinion on the perspectives from both sides of the proverbial fence while being so authentic in her ideal of what it means to be a strong, independent, secure and analytical woman in the millennium. Traveling through fears of being sexually taken advantage of by a man thought to be someone to trust was not only an emotional ride but one that dawned the question, “Is drunken consensual sex EVER ok?” The saga she tells of a love so intoxicating that it becomes a kryptonite and eventually the most painful heartbreak of your life, was something we all have (at some point) experienced in the long story of love and relationships. Her insight to the expectations we put on each other (men on women and women on men) that do nothing but stifle us and trap us into boxes of jaded behavior and hopeless mindsets were so well expressed as Lucas tells the stories of failed relationships, friends and attempted one night stands.

I fell in love with the fact that although Demetria and I couldn’t be MORE different:

  • She a woman and I a man

  • Her living in NYC; me in Los Angeles

  • Her with a successful career and me still trying to build one

  • Her with well-educated parents and me with….well NOT

  • A string of sexy partners always looking to date her and me with well a few here and there

She was able to build a bridge and touch on subjects in the universal world of dating that applies to all people of all races, ages, and demographics. I found myself in the stories she shared and died laughing at some of the realizations that I myself had come to in my own dating/relationship sagas. The moments where I would read something and go, “Wow, I’ve never thought about that! THIS is why it didn’t work!” I tend not to like books that publicize things like “Dating Manual” or “Be A Better You” or any other crap that belongs at the bottom shelf of the self-help aisle at Barnes and Noble but I can honestly (and without bias) say that A Belle In Brooklyn is a fantastic read for men AND women who are dating, thinking about dating, currently in a relationship, or navigating some arrangement that’s a combo of the aforementioned.

Lucas has prepared a piece of literature that will help you to discover your own dating style while giving you helpful hints on how NOT to be the crazy one in the relationship, all through the eyes and experiences of her own life.

***Demetria L. Lucas (aka "Belle") is a the creator of the award winning blog A Belle In Brooklyn, and the founder of Coached by Belle, where she uses her training as a certified life coach to help her clients increase their dating options and imporve their relationships. Lucas is currently a contributing editor for The Root where she writes a weekly advice column, "Ask Demetria," and is a contributing writer at Essence.com where she pens a popluar daily column, "Real Talk." She was formerly the relationships editor and dating columnist at Essence magazine. Foller her on Twitter @abelleinbk Don't forget to pick up her new book Don't Waste Your Pretty! Check your local stores or CLICK HERE!

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