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Musicology: The Business of Creativity

Every stereo, iPod, and cell phone is bombarded by one commonality that everyone loves and no one can deny: Music! We listen to it, we sing along to it, and for thousands of people all around the world, they’re trying to break into it and make it a serious career. Brittney Boston, entertainment advisor for Compound Entertainment, hosted a wonderful event at Los Angeles’ own Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, Ca that created a dialogue about the business behind the industry; bringing in some heavy hitting notables to discuss the business of this wonderful dynamic world of music that we all love and listen to. Among the panel was publishing and managing Guru, Rachel Noelle, recording artist, Andreao "Fanatic" Heard, manager and owner of Jazzy Management, Shawndel “Jazzy” Rosa, manager of up and coming breakout Hip-Hop artist Stevie Dub, Boss Haas of Boss Haas Entertainment, and actor/Revolt TV employee Besidone Amoruwa.

In a room filled with artists, producers, engineers and aspiring executives, this panel gave a wealth of knowledge, advice and applicable tools to guide their way through the cut-throat business that is the music industry. From Gorilla Marketing to publishing rights, how to develop an artist to how to brand your business, this conference left everyone in that room wanting more! Having a desire not only to educate the next generation of creators but to help noteworthy professionals network with up and coming talent, Brittney is dedicated to making Musicology a monthly event that focuses on a new facet of the business each go round. And if a great panel wasn’t enough, we got the chance to see Stevie Dub do his thing on stage! I have to say this young rapper is definitely someone to look out for. He’s got style, swag, flows and an energy that is pure professional, organic, and fan loving!

After the hour and a half of feeding our minds with golden nuggets of great information and insight it was time for the Play & Sell!! Artists and Producers were given a chance to submit their work before the panel to get a professional insight on what they could work on, what they’re doing well and how to further help them get their work in the hands of the right people. I have to say there was some pretty great music being played but as always you have the artist that gets caught in their feelings! One thing that makes me uncomfortable in this type of setting is when you have an artist who is so attached to the work that they can’t allow themselves to simply sit back and take the critique. You’re submitting your work with the intention that it’s going to be picked apart! This is not the time to give your bag full of reasons or excuses on why your music sounds like it does. Simply take the critique, use what you can use and as an artist, what you don’t agree with…DON’T TAKE! However, please don’t go back and forth with the panel! If nothing else it only proves how UNREADY you are for this business. On a more positive note, the submissions were great (some better than others) but I believe those that submitted work got what they needed from the panel.

I applaud Brittney Boston, Brash Republic and the Los Angeles Film School for putting on this event and I look forward to many more!

For more info on the Musicology events CLICK HERE!

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