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Growing Church Dares to Be Different

Millions of storefronts and several notable mega churches across the world claim to be doing great ministry and some of them, in their wonderful, God filled churches are doing just that. However, what happens when the building you’re in just isn’t enough for God to do what needs to be done in the lives of those who believe in Him? The Message Center may have the answer… TAKE CHURCH TO THE BEACH!!!

Approaching their nine year mark of ministry, The Message Center, a non-denominational church based in Torrance, Calif., has been making monumental moves over the last eight years despite their lack of mega church status. Dynamic and young, Pastor Dwight A. Radcliff, Jr. has had quite the journey with his vision for The Message Center, affectionately known as the MCWC (Message Center World Church). After being let go from his home church in 2006, unbeknownst to Radcliff, for being too much of a visionary and being seen as a major competitor in the Gospel of Christ, Radcliff and his wife DeShun were at a loss for words as they (and their family) were unapologetically kicked out from their church home. Different, determined, dedicated, and on fire for God; with a faith that could shake the nations, it wasn’t long before Pastor Radcliff received a message from the Lord that lead him to start his own church, The Message Center World Church. This church would be home to any and all who ever felt too different for main line denominations; for those who felt like they were outcasts, misfits, undesirables and who needed a place to heal, grow, be loved on and eventually transform into who they believed God needed them to be!

Eight years later, with a bachelors and a masters under his belt, that same youthful pastor has created one of the most loving and energetic atmospheres for Christ the Greater Los Angeles area has ever seen. Servicing communities from Downtown Los Angeles to Orange County, The Message Center continues to grow in love, membership and quite impressively deeds! From being a primary sponsor and donor organization to Trinity Foster Care to volunteering at Harbor Care Senior Facility, this church is wowing the masses and bringing Pastor Radcliff under considerable notoriety with heavy hitting Pastors and churches such as Cleveland’s own Pastor R.A. Vernon of The Word Church. The Message Center is like no other church that you have seen. Their Sunday service starts promptly at 2pm every week allowing for those who need their morning rest to get a little extra shut eye. Tuesday's Bible Study Unplugged is every week at 7pm where Pastor Radcliff (as well as his team of ministers, teachers and elders) bring knowledgeable and poignant messages to members and visitors. They have even adopted a growing church in Kenya while still providing services to local communities and families; including Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner giveaways, free lunch giveaways, and providing groceries and gas to members, visitors, and people in the community who need it.

Of all the things this growing church is doing there is one event that sets them apart from the masses: Their Annual Beach Service! This service has become one of the most talked about events throughout churches and with people everywhere. It continues to attract more people with every year including those who are non-believers, non-church goers, and skeptics. Every year The Message Center packs up the caravan and heads to Bolsa Chica State Beach where they enjoy a day filled with Praise and Worship, Testimonies, a great (and short) sermon, Communion, Foot Washing, and Baptisms. Once the religious festivities of the day are done it’s time to PARTAY! Message Center style of course; a potluck style array of burgers, hot dogs, links, potato salad, soft drinks and so much more are all shared among the community while The Message Center provides the basics for those who may not be able to afford to bring their own food. Double Dutch jump rope, hoola-hoop contests, music, dancing, laughing and a God-filled good time all occur as the MCWC enjoy one another like nobody’s business. And of course no beach day would be complete without s’mores around the fire-pit!

The Message Center, located at 22209 South Vermont Ave, suite 14 in Torrance, CA, continues to grow and be the proverbial example of what it means to be a true community and body of believers. If you’re looking for a church home or simply have questions about religion and/or your faith, The Message Center’s doors are always open. With a guaranteed hug at the door, and millions more when you walk through, this growing church is redefining ministry with love, compassion, understanding, knowledge, education, and most importantly the faith to know that the best is yet to come!

Check out this video of all the fabulous festivities

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