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Hangout Out At Pensado's Place

In a do-it-yourself day and age of music there are a plethora of up and coming artists, producers and even engineers; however, there is a word that has more loosely been used within the last decade of music: Legend! How often can one say that they truly sat in a room with people that have been notable legends in their career? I can; I was able to sit and listen to someone who has proven that this term is not something loosely fitted for them but a word that fits hand in glove.

Dave Pensado might not be a known name for many of us but in the world of music production and audio engineering he’s at the top of the list as one of the best. With credits including Mariah Carey, Jill Scott, Earth Wind & Fire, Kenny G, and so many more, this man knows what he’s talking about! Having created the hit online show, Pensado’s Place, with co-host and manager Herb Trawick, Pensado interviews A-list engineers, producers, and artists while sharing some of the most hidden mixing and mastering secrets that most don’t want you to know.

I got to to sit in as Pensado interviewed Bob Clearmountain. Clearmountain has made some of Rock-n-Roll’s most prestigious hits become music classics throughout his career spanning over 30 years. With credits including Bruce Springsteen, Kiss, The Cure, Aerosmith and more, Clearmountain has done it all. Hanging out at Pensado’s Place gave Bob, Dave, and Herb the opportunity to talk all the tech talk they needed. Out of all the things that I couldn’t follow about machinery and plugins and compressors that, I’m sure, all the engineers/producers in the room were just eating up, I was very well impressed with some of the things Clearmountain had to say about music as a whole. Clearmountain expressed that when mixing a song he allows the song to speak to him and tell him what it needs to sound like. He doesn’t allow his past works to influence how he works in the 'now'. There is no formula, per say, in how he works; there’s a feeling and communication between him and the music. As an artist myself I completely understood what he meant by such a simple yet prolific statement.

I have to say with all the technical Q and A I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved the chemistry between Bob, Dave, and Herb. They were welcoming and interactive to the live studio audience and for those wishing to learn more about engineering and production, it was VERY informative. I definitely wouldn’t mind catching another taping.

(L to R: Dave Pensado, Chongor, Bob Clearmountain, Wyzard, Herb Trawick)

If you’d like to checkout any of the episodes from Pensado’s Place you can simply CLICK HERE!

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