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50 Shades Of Sex!

Hello JayeScribers (and non-JayeScribers who really just need to go head and make a commitment lol) I recently saw the notorious 50 Shades of Grey last night and WHERE TO BEGIN????!!!!!

Let's start with the basics. I haven't read any of the books so I didn't go into the movie with any preconceived notions of what the story should be or shouldn't be. Although, I have to say that after watching this movie I have an obligatory feeling in my gut to start reading it as soon as I can! The soundtrack for this movie was PHENOMENAL!!!!! So much so that it's on my iPhone as I type this post!

Not having a bias opinion on the adventure that the book/s take you on (so I've heard) I was able to simply watch and assess my thoughts purely from a cinematic point of view. The coveted role of of the successful and sexually intense, Christian Grey, was played by Northern Irish model-turned-actor, Jamie Dornan. The bright eyed and bushy tailed, Anastasia Steele, was played by American actress, Dakota Johnson. The chemistry between the two were really great! I enjoyed how they played off of one another. Johnson gave Anastasia both a brassy self worth, wrapped in the innocence and ignorance of a girl sexually inexperienced but willing to try new things. Dornan gave Grey a cold and confusing consistancy that I enjoyed, however, I felt that Dornan could have gone a little further with his choices. I didn't connect him to being this undeniably and uber desirable man. In any case, I have to start with the pettiness of it all (of course)!

Petty Issue #1: WHO DRESSED THIS GIRL???!!!! Throughout the movie I was plagued by her choice in these hidious brown flats (which I'm sure are some great expensive brand name shoe like Jimmy Choo or whomever). It seemed like those were her favorite shoes and I just kept thinking to myself, "Sweetie, nobody told you that there are better looking shoes for you to wear?" The first scene, Ana is in this hideous, mid-western, girl-next-door outfit; complete with grandma sweater and combat styled boots. Christian is kind enough to lend her his stylish ways of the all mighty dollar to get her some better things to wear as the film progresses but even then I had to bear those damn flats!

Petty Issue #2: Too Much Too Soon! It was a good 10 minutes into this movie and already there is sexual tension and drama and interest and.....well let's just say I haven't heard too many people who fit the "geek" catagory of a "non conventional hottie" who are surrounded by attractive men (her friend/crusher Jose and her co-worker, Paul); having one of them be a young, fit, FILTHY rich, white man who just so happens to want to stalk you and then ask you for coffee!!!! I had to remind myself,

"Danyol, this is a movie! Things happen the way the writer wants them to."

It still didn't piss me off any less that Ana finds Daddy Warbucks (sans 20 years) and within a matter of weeks is getting first addition literature books, MacBook Pro's, and hooker-red sports cars!!! I just hope women don't read this book and/or watch this movie and seriously sign-up for Ana Steeles Tips On How To Get A Billianaire.

Petty Issue #3: WHY THE FLIP PHONE!!!!! I was too done to see this college graduate (with 4.0 grade average and a job) dating a billionaire and she has a freakin FLIP PHONE!! I can not tell you how many times I yelled at the screen (YES I'm THAT person) when she would text Christian and that ancient text screen would pop up on camera! A laptop, a car, but no new phone? Come on player!!! What part of the game is that?!

Okay, I'm done with the pettiness of it all....I think. Let's talk about what you all really want to talk about: THE SEX!

Christan Grey is a successful business mogul who has a dirty little secret: He likes to tie up, punish, bind, whip, spank, and in some cases torture women to appease both a sexual (and psychological) lack in his life. He repeatedly says that he doesn't do romance and that he's not a relationship kind of guy. However he says,

"I F**K! I f**k hard!"

And that becomes the understatement of your life for the next two hours! As I try my hardest not to judge the sexual adventures of those around me (or far away), I found it difficult to watch a man need this sort of outlet because of a tramatic childhood that Grey's character admits to having. Further more, it was even more disheartening to see Ana, this young, bright, and chaste young lady be drawn into a life that she knows nothing about ALL because of some feeling that she thinks is love.

As hopeless a romantic as I am, and I'm ALL for "love at first sight", I'm not for dumb and reckless decisions based on an emotion that hasn't been vetted! I seriously thought I was watching a Disney movie where a homeless teen can get his carpet ride on with a hot rich girl after only having met her 2 days ago! Is it really love? Or is it lustful wishing?

ANYWHO! What the movie succeeded in doing for me is confirming that I've been asking the RIGHT questions when it comes to dating and relationships! Not to mention it confirms my belief that every romantic relationship should be handled like a business venture; contracts included!

On a serious note, this movie really delves into how emotional responses and acts of passion, can lead to losing who you thought you were and discovering who you never wanted to be.

Sure the ropes, the chains, and the whips were inticing! Downright entracing and seductive, but at what cost? Ana struggles with this love for Christian, dropping her guard and venturing into his 'Playroom' while being jerked back and forth with his unwillingness to be in a conventional relationship. All the while pushing her sexual limits with the introduction of pain and pleasure. Something that is bound to be a deal breaker somewhere down the line for her; no matter how much of what he exposes her to she enjoys for the moment.

Christian, all while rearing at the fact that Ana is an untouched virgin (a blank canvas if you will), his very pleasure comes from treating a human being like they are something to be owned. Property that has no voice; entangled with emotional attachements that in any other situation would be described as Stockholm Syndrome. Sure she has a safe word or two, but what part of the brain tells a person that in order to feel or reach pure sexual euphoria, you have to be stripped of all power and control and become someone's possession?

I'm sure this movie (much like the book) is geared toward testing a person's limits: what will or won't you do? What can or can't you deal with? When is it too much? How kinky can you really get? Yet, I fear that, in watching a Christian Grey on the big screen there are going to be people out there that equate inflicting physical pain and emotional tug-o-wars with another human being as the desired thing to do. I fear that the interpretation for men will be,

"Dominate, control and keep her inline,"

While women will see/hear,

"As long as you get material treasures (from a virtual stranger) you should try what he wants you to do, even if it's beyond your comfort level."

Like I said before, I haven't read the books. I'm sure they are riddled with much more detail and context than is the movie (if not then God help me). However, I can only base this posts opinion on what I've seen. For pushing my sexual buttons I give it 5 stars!!! Yet, I can't help but feel like this movie is a prime example of what glamourizing an unhealthy relationship looks like. And for that I give it 1 star!

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