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Rant: Fantastic Four 2015- Does Black Bother You?

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So I'm at the movies with a good friend and her mother. We leave the theatre after seeing Pitch Perfect 2 (HILARIOUS) and there in my face is a huge cut out poster of the upcoming film, Fantastic Four. I was immediately taken aback by two obvious changes that caused me to pause; being the Marvel fan that I am. The first obviously was a Black Human Torch and a White Invisible Woman. The second, a young Mr. Fantastic.

The internet is going up in a rage about Michael B. Jordan's portrayal of Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch, but seemingly for all the wrong reasons: JUST because he's Black!

I couldn't give two hush puppies about him being black!!! Nobody said anything to Jessica Alba when she portrayed Susan Storm with her Mixed Hispanic self! But I will ALWAYS have an issue with trying to remake the STORY of a classic ANYTHING!!! Especially when the remake is lazy and goes so far left to venture into this ridiculous ideal of "new and inventive" territory!

Susan and Johnny ADOPTED siblings? REALLY?! Reed Richards looking the same age as Susan? Was he or was he not significantly older than Susan in the comics? Ben Grimm some athletically lean swimmer dude that becomes some huge rock monster? Not likely!! Wasn't he extremely well built and buff BEFORE the radiation? Hence him BECOMING a big hunk of rock?

I LOVE that fictional characters are just that, FICTIONAL!!! Some are able to be ethnically switched out with no problem, but why change the story?! If you want to make Johnny Black and Susan not Black why not write them to be the children of a biracial couple? Make them Mixed siblings, why do they have to be adopted! If you're trying to be "real and authentic", Mixed children are REAL and AUTHENTIC and is a dynamic not often explored in mainstream Hollywood outside of a slave/master rape relation, a blended family by way of adoption, or a drug addicted mother who accidentally get's pregnant by some random stranger! The Mixed ethnic group of America needs to have a wider and louder voice than what it does and this would have been (could have been) a great platform to creatively explore that.

However with that said, let's not be so dense as to think that ALL fictional characters (just because they're fiction) should be ethnically switched out because we want to be "different". If you tried to hand me a Mexican Storm or an Asian Blank Panther or a White War Machine I'm gonna be pissed!!!! Point! Blank! And period! Just as I WAS so very pissed at Halle Barry's lack luster portrayal of Storm in the X-Men films, not once but THREE times over! Where was Lupita Nyong'o for THAT role!!!???

Storm: A strong African chocolate tribal queen from AFRICA!!! AAAAAFFFRRRRIIIICCCCAAAAAAA PEOPLE!!!! Not some light brown, short, soft, subservient scared chick from LA!!! (Hello Halle!!!)

Some characters ethnicity are a major part of what make that character so memorable. So I can understand (for all my racist White People) the inner want to see an all White Fantastic Four; it's traditionally what we know and what we've seen. However, their ethnicity doesn't have anything major to do with their story. So Congrats to Michael B for his role, I just wish they could have written the storyline better to fit the actual story of the chatacters. Two adopted siblings are not going to have the same connection as two blood siblings.... Sorry, it's just NOT going to happen! At some point being adopted on either end is going to be an issue!

How do you curb the fact that because their mother died - leaveing Susan to take care of Johnny at such a young age - with an adoption? So again, I personally don't care that he's Black I care that they couldn't write a better story that's truer to the storyline of the characters......‪


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