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Tony Moore Lounges With Todrick Hall [Video]

He’s the guy that everyone loves to love! Todrick Hall is a name that everyone knows, most famously, from his captivating YouTube videos. Coined “The McDonald singing guy”, Hall has gone on to become a YouTube sensation, working with A-list performers such as RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Willam Belli, former N’Sync member, Lance Bass, and the queen B herself, Beyonce. Can you believe he’s only 30!? #ThatPart

Despite the fact that much of his start came from being a contestant on American Idle as a semi-finalist or that he’s been on many a Broadway stage, Hall attributes much of his success to his YouTube following.

Sitting with everyone’s bestie in their head, Tony Moore, Todrick has a seat in his Disney inspired room on the latest episode of Loungin with Tony to talk about all that he has going on. Tune in as Hall talks about what inspires his videos, how he came to do them, his upcoming tour, and what he believes has lead to such a large successful career in entertainment.

For more info on Tony Moore or Loungin with Tony, you can visit his website HERE.

For more info on Todrick Hall make sure you visit his website HERE


Feature Photo Courtesy of Tony Moore's Facebook Page

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