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Me, You, & Him: The Good, The Bad, & The Not Quite Pretty [Video]

As the internet continues to grow for the world of web TV, a new series springs up telling the functional, dysfunctional story of three friends maneuvering through life, love, and relationships. J. Patrick Wise, Roger Payano, and Kenny Cooper have come together to create KPR Group Productions’ first web series of men trying to find wifey in a wifi kind of world. I have to admit with there being so many web series that cause me to want to take my brain out and hang it on a nail to air dry for a few days, Me, You, & Him actually digs a niche that makes the world of web series’ an enjoyable place.

I can’t say much for the Netflix choice to release the entire eight episode season all at once. Being a new show, one would hope that releasing one episode every week over the course of time would grow the brand and help to gain more followers, viewers, and loyal fans of the show who might be wanting more. The decline in numbers from episode 1 to the season finale is proof that there might have been a bug in the way of marketing on that one. None the less the series gives a creative insight and perspective on the subject of relationships; from a males perspective.

Pierce, Kevin and Ralphie encompass the three facets of the male brain: Spirit, Reality, and Sex! The most developed of the three seems to be Wise’s character Pierce. His shy yet purposeful comedy works well whenever Wise is on camera and yields a nonchalant way of making one laugh from things you don’t expect someone to actually express. The overall arch of his story is one that isn’t often seen from the male point of view. When you think of abstinence, being left at the alter by the one you love, and then stuck between two people that in some way equally share room in your heart, you almost NEVER think of a man’s story.

To have a character so diligent in his faith and still struggle to find balance in handling the heart of women with such real, authentic emotion and thought, really was a joy to experience. Though the series is not meant to be a drama, Pierce’s character provides the depth that keeps the show from being just another black actors comedy special. Khalilah Joi (one of Pierce’s love interests, Jordan) get’s major props for delivering one hell of a heart felt moment during episode 7 as she confesses her short comings and admits to the fears that lead to a monumental rejection to Pierce. Brava!!! Brava!!! That girl deserves an award for that minute and 37 seconds of screen time. Not only did she leave me wanting more but ummm…..can we say Ebony Enchantress!

Kenny Cooper’s character, Kevin, portrays the more realistic side of relationships today. The couple who have finally decided to co-habitat, that struggle through the up’s and down’s of whether or not marriage is the destination. Kevin’s relationship with Jane seems fine and dandy. That is, until Jane begins to delve back into herself and realizes that she wants more than just a boyfriend or a baby daddy. She wants a husband and a father for her unborn kids. Jane and Kevin go back and forth as all couples in their situation do allowing Diandra Lyle and Cooper to play quite nicely together on screen. Alone or as one third of the great triad of men, Cooper is a solid player. Nothing that stands out or overly impresses in regard to story or presence. However, when teamed with Lyle there is an energetic bar that is raised and the audience is able to get more from him. Whether that lift comes from Lyle or just the scenario’s at hand, Cooper could gain to dig a little deeper to bring more to Kevin’s character as Kevin is the representation of most men in dating relationships: The committed (yet non committal) boyfriend who fears that marriage is the end all and be all to that which is good and great in the relationship.

Being that this series is a comedy, each character is handed the opportunity to be funny. Cooper’s one liners seemed to be a bit hit and miss. Some of the references are not ones that slay, but there are moments, when Kevin’s character is simply IN said moment, where there seems to be some really funny material. Whether those moments were scripted or ad lib’d, they seem to work better than the moments that are definitely scripted and cause the audience to feel forced to laugh.

Lyle, much like Joi, deserves a standing ‘O’ for her portrayal as Jane. In simplistic fashion, Lyle was able to deliver in every scene the camera was able to grace her presence for. She was strong yet submissive, complimentary without being overbearing, and not to mention both her and Joi have skin and hair that would make even the most fashionable of Divas jealous.

Lastly, but certain not least, is Roger Payano as the sex crazed, head over heels in love with his ex, Ralphie. There’s not much I can say about Ralphie’s character, except that he depicts the stereotypical Alpha male who has one thing (and one thing only) on the brain: Sex, Ass, Titties, and more Sex! The effort to show that even a sex addict can have emotions, Ralphie’s on again, off again relationship with character Rosanna fell a bit flat. There wasn’t enough for me to grow to like Ralphie aside from being good looking and charismatic. Granted we only have eight episodes (no more than 9 minutes each) to do it, but, like Pierce, we see that it can be done.

I did not understand the choice for Ralphie’s love interest. There wasn’t much there in regard to depth or skill and most times I felt like the actress playing her was always in need of take two. However, having seen Payano in other projects, he did not disappoint with his classic form of comedic timing and attention to detail in regard to the authenticity of the character’s he portrays. Though I would have liked to see more of Ralphie’s depth of character I can not negate that as the sex fiend of the trio, Payano captured the Alpha male sex bot, that Ralphie was meant to represent, to a ’T’.

As a series it was enjoyable. Of course there were areas that needed work (writing, acting, and lighting wise) but for a web series shooting straight out of the gate it definitely makes my top ten of internet TV that needs to be watched. Not to mention the music choices were spot on! As I said, wasn’t quite Emmy award winning yet, but was wrapped in enough professionalism, work, ethic, and ability to pave the way to such accolades. I have no idea when Season 2 will premiere (which makes me wish even more that Season 1 wasn’t binge dropped on us like that) but I do know that my interest in Me, You, & Him has definitely been piqued. I surely want to know what these men have in store for themselves as they search for wifey in a wifi world!

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