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An Open Letter To Kenya Moore: Sometimes Moore Is NOT Less!

Dear Kenya,

From the very first time you've come on the show you have done a few consistant things that, as a viewer, I'm unable to determine are just for the show or really just part of your character. You consistently have played the victim to suit your own needs. You have taken up fabulous banners and have tarnished them with fakeness, lies, and manipulation. And for the sake of the viewership I love every messy, gritty, petty boots moment of it!

However, on behalf of abuse survivors, women, and the men you've played with along the way, I have to say, you are no better than the women you've tried to reconnect with and get answers from. Harsh as it may be, for me, it's the truth I hold to.







Have all fell victim to how you manipulate a situation in order to make yourself seem like an authentic friend when in reality you are nothing more than a user, accuser, and bullshat manufactuerer. How can you in one minute (or month depending on your shooting schedule) try and be the best of friends with someone and then in your confessionals, throw more shade than the blackness of night?

How do you repeatedly say that you want a man, need a man, yearn for a man but when one actually finds interest in you, there's a laundry list of things they must have? News flash boo, YOU'RE NOT THAT GRAND!!! At this rate you need to be picking up what you actually can pull instead of acting like your list of potential mates is a mile long. Honey I promise you, that least barely makes it to the front door. And you're standing at the front door!!!

I don't have the time to sit here and go through the entire series (since you've been on) and pinpoint all that is the pettiness of you; we'd be here till Jesus came back, but I am going to go through some of your interactions with the woman on the show and pinpoint how you've never been a friend and have always been a selfish, narcissistic, manipulative liar!

We all know that you and Phaedra Parks started out to be the best of acquaintances. However, as time went on we found that, though Apollo may have lied about some things, there was still some questionable behavior that you partook in that didn't help the situation. You continued to try and badger someone to accept fault but never acknowledging that you have a tendency to stir the pot, make it overlfow and then hawl ass because you don't want to get burned. Then turn around and act like the people kicking and fighting because they got burned are the issue. Till this day you haven't given Phaedra the peace of mind (from what we've seen on screen) to say, "Phaedra...I apologize for being such a bitch. I apologize for beiing fake to your face and masking it as being cordial, but then shading you behind closed doors and partaking in questionable behavior with your husband." Not to say that Phaedra is perfect but all she has ever wanted you to do, as a woman and a decent human being is own your portion of the BS you stir up. And by the looks of things, hell will have frozen over before that happens.

You dragged Porsha's name through the mud because she dragged your face across that stage and you never once took responsibility for that. Even now, you mention that incident and regard Porsha as some ferocious, violent person when, had you never pointed an object in her face (personal space), you would have never gotten your ass whooped on! Now, I haven't met a person yet that agrees with Porsha taking it there, but I also haven't met a person yet who didn't understand why she took it there. The world does not twirl around you Kenya, regardless of what you might choose to think.

You are, for all intents and purposes, a beautiful woman whom I want to believe is intelligent, living a fabulous life in the small great city of ATL. However, prior to Housewives your household title and name meant nothing and stirred no fan fare for most of America, I'm sure. So to watch you attempt to be so grand beyond your means just irritates my inner being!

The new lady of the crew, Miss Kim "Tootie/Régine" Fields has also seen your double sided face at work. You started the season speaking so highly of her; an attempt most of us already knew was bullshat because you just wanted to get her name on your project. We knew you weren't really about that life of giving a true damn about her! Yet, you played the role (which is surprising because if you acted that well in your projects they JUST might get picked up!). Then, the one moment (on that Miami trip) she disagreed with you, you dogged Kim SOOOO bad in your confessional because she called you on your bullshat!

Was glenn an ABSOLUTE ass? Yes! Did he need to leave? Yes! However, when a man is exhibiting behavior that he could be dangerous, how smart is it for anyone (woman or man) to poke the bear?

Hostile?! You claimed you were in fear of your life?! Girl BYE! He wasn't hostile when you thought you could take your 40+ year-old ass and ride his 20 something year-old body! He was only "hostile" when you snapped at him like a dog and he checked that ass like any sane person should have and probably would have! From then on out....oh he was just sooooo dangerous. If he were that damned dangerous, shut up and let him leave in peace without you getting the last word and folks getting knocked unconscious.

He was being escorted out of the building. The rest of the women were simply waiting for him to go beyond that door and out of the house when all of a sudden here you come (with your superiority complex) and have to hammer in your nail and make your disgust known. He was already leaving! Why did you need to say anything?!

Just let him leave! Now, I don't condone domestic violence WHAT SO EVER! However, I also don't condone a woman who by actions, words, or both are going to instigate a situation to the point of danger and then want to cry wolf when that danger is at her front door. You disgrace women who have survived abuse when you do that because they know that there are more ways than one to be a bully. Sublty and/or violently. As violent a bully as Glenn may very well be, you are no less a bully with your word choices that manipulated a situation to sound as though Glenn cornered you and was about to rape you.

Your slick and snide comments that you cover with a laugh as to sound like you're joking aren't fooling anyone either. Telling Kim how it seemed mighty convenient for her to want to leave? What the hell does she need convenience for?! She's a grown ass woman with a CHOICE! And her choice was to exit the crazy; stage left.

In a nutshell Kenya, I think that you manipulate a lot of situations to position yourself to be able to play the victim, get sympathy and support. To try and reign as supreme queen in this land of unicorns and rainbows that you have created for yourself. I likened you to your mother earlier for one reason: You steal people's choice!

Your mother abandonded you, left you without reason. Forced you to grow up wondering why. She stole from you the most important choice of a childs life; the choice to be able to love that which helped to create it. By continually refusing you, she continues to take that choice and power. I truly hope, with the proper guidance and workd, that you are able to take your choice back for your own peace of mind!

However, you continue to steal people's choice as well. You steal their choice to know the real you because everything you do seems contrived, controlled, and tainted with alterior motive. You continue to steal people's choice to change for the better by continually bringing up past events that they have since atoned for and apologized for. Yet, because they have not done it in YOUR way and in YOUR time you feel the need to jab out the inappropriate and snarky comments.

You grew up so unloved by your mother that you now, as a grown woman, yearn for more and more and more attention. Causing you to make decisions and comments in conversation that make a situation ALL ABOUT YOU! And sweetie sometimes......it just can't be about you. Like when you told Kim you two had a lot in common. Where? You two couldn't more different! Yet again, that was your side attempt to place yourself some place you simply don't fit.

-Kim's career is decades old (no shade), beyond reputable and known. Yours is not. It might be getting there now.....but overall, it's not.

-Kim has a husband and children and a healthy working family dynamic. You....well....I don't have to point out the obvious!

-Kim knows how to be happy with self FIRST and hold others to a standard she follows in almost every situation, acknowledging her flaws. You fake it when you want something and shade it when you no longer need it or feel you can get it. Plus, you try to make everything about you every single time!

I pray that you find within yourself the woman you think you are and really pull her close, because all I see, week after week, is a desperate woman clawing and chomping at the bit to gain everything that she see's in others and wishes she had herself: Husband, Children, Career......real friends. Maybe you need to stop twirling and start changing.

Feature Photo Courtesy of Daniel J. Escobed- Wiki Images- Creative Commons License

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