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Fat Ass; Change Yo Life Challenge Continues...

So last night was an amazing night of finding out just how close I am to a better me! When you're as awesome and amazing as I am, you run into a lot of different people who are just as awesome and just as amazing! When you find each other and realize such, you do everything you can to keep that bond.

It was a long day of work and all I intended to do was head to my stylist and get this head shaped up. Little did I know that my fabulous friend, Miss K-Francis (pictured to the right), would invite me to her Tuesday night workout session with her Herbalife friends and family. Now, if you know me you know that I've been really down about my weight since my Target fitting room debacle: Click Here to view!

So, I decided that I wasn't going to be my normal, lazy self. I decided I would go and experience something new. Not to mention I've been calling Herbalife and their followers a cult for years lol. But hey! If it's a cult, it's a fun cult with lots of energy, networking opportunities, and sexy people (inclusive of 'on their way to sexy' people) EVERYWHERE!

We got in, paid our five dollars, put our name on a red cup (for the after workout smoothie) and travelled through a plethora of people to find an empty spot to get our workout on. The music started. About 5 fit men were up front and that was the beginning of the end of my breath! This workout was so intense with such variation that I didn't know what to do with myself. The competitor in me fought to keep up, even though I know I'm way out of shape to try and keep up with people who do this five or six times a week! The rebel in me was like, "Boy if you don't just sit down and watch your first go round!"

Needless to say that my rebel got a muzzle after that! In any case, I did what I could, rested when I needed to, and nursed my hip when my "you're no longer 30" pain started to flare from the night before.

We ran laps, did burpees, pushups, high knees, the (what I call) Tina Turner. You know? The Shake A Tail Feather dance from the movie! All in all my legs were sore, my arms were heavy, and I loved every minute of it. Even my friend was impressed at how great a form I had throughout; albeit I coulnd't do it straight through, the point is, I stuck to it!

The mantra was great: I won't quit!I will show up!

It reminded me that I challenged, not only myself, but others who saw my Target dilemma video to make a change. Stop whinning, get up, and DO! So I did! Post workout I enjoyed my smoothie (OMG THE LIFE!) and then got sucked into a 90 day weight loss challenge. My body fat got measured, I got weighed, and the circumference of my belly was taped.

- 30% body fat! #FAIL!

- 248lbs! #FAIL!

-43 inch waist!!! I DIED!!!!!

You see, when I was a dancer my measurements were 28 (chest), 34 (wasit), 43 1/2 (hips). Post dance life, my shoulders got broader, I increased to a 36 inch waist and as for body fat, child ain't nobody got time for that! Anywho! Back to last night. I realized in that moment of then that I was about 18 pounds away from when I weighed my heaviest weight in my entire life; having gone through a depression relapse and eating everything in sight. It was a real wake up call! I share these numbers begrudgingly because I'm not proud of them nor should I be....I mean it's all fat! However, most times we don't work out, we don't eat as we should because those numbers are so hidden and secret that we carry their shame with us.

We carry it to the candy aisle at the grocery store. We carry it to the drive through at Jack In The Box. It's not until we release that shame (and those numbers) that we're able to see it for what it is: Simple math! We can either continue to add until our bodies give out or we can subtract until we're healthier, livelier, and ultimately better human beings.

At the end of the day I still feel like Herbalife is cultish LOL....but I see why people fall in love. The workouts are amazing, the people are fun, and the opportunities to connect and grow in various aspects of life are worth it. Lastly, there's that amazing part where each and every time you come back and push hard, you start to see that new and healthier person show up in the mirror more and more often; welcoming them to stay. I can honestly say I'll be back in Gardena with my workout pants, ready to sweat it out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.....

....but don't think I'm selling no product anytime soon!

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