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Dear Stacy Dash: Keep Trying To Drive That Freeway Boo! [Video]

Dear Stacy Dash,

You have become so popular in recent years for the things that you have said that immediately cause everyone to look at you as though they wiped their ass with sandpaper. More recently, on a Fox News segment of Fox & Friends you sat down with interviewer and author, Steve Doocy, and had quite a lot to say about Black people and niche programming. As usual, it was a non-surprising load of idiotic babble, but the unmitigated gall that you continue to have, to say the things you do, truly does cause me to wonder about the inner workings of that hair-slain head on top your shoulders!

YES! I will admit you're bob was on point! However, it always amazes me how you spew out statements that (in your head) are facts that support your stance but the delivery always falls short and usually makes me think that there is a village somewhere missing their idiot oh so desperately! Really?! You want to know why White elite liberals are funding Obama's campaign? You want to know why we're "just now talking about" the issues of race and racial equality?! Baby girl, I don't know where you have been for the last few millennia but I can 'sho'nuff' say....YOU LATE!

Now I'm intelligent enough to know that what you were probably attempting to say to Doocy is that, if we truly are looking for an America where race isn't an issue we have to strive to rid ourselves of things that separate us by color, gender, orientation, etc. That in order for there not to be a need for a "black" show we have to strive for shows, period, to encompass every race and culture so that it becomes a national norm to see everlasting diversity.

That is what I believe, somewhere deep in your republican heart and soul, you were really saying. However, like most White folks seem to do, you completely miss the reality that things, simply put, AIN'T THAT WAY BOO! You feel the need to rid a month that was never meant to encompass the entirety of Black history or the Black struggle, but to remind Amerikkka that Black history exists at all, because it has yet (in its fullness) been allowed to enter regular school systems as part of the normal and standardized curriculum. Whether it be grade school, high school or university level! It has yet to happen.

You seem to fail to see the need for a month where we can (for a measly 28 days) openly and freely and without fear or rebuke enjoy, celebrate, and educate people about all of the amazing black people that have not only shaped this country, but this world, with what they have contributed without being shot down for being an angry black mob of thugs dressed in kente cloth. Albeit, on a regular basis the only hype historic Black folks get is for Martin Luther King, Jr. and ONLY when he was the peaceful King and not the one talking about economic change and reform. Amerikkka has no issue talking about non-violent Rosa Parks who sat there and refused to get out of her seat cause her feet hurt. Amerikkka has no problem helping us celebrate the calm and "peaceful" negros (and yes I use the word purposefully) that helped shaped this country. The ones to remind us that as long as you sit and stay still we'll allow you a little bit of freedom. But don't let our country remember that we come from kings and queens, hunters, inventors and civil pioneering genius'! OH NO! Then we're just violent black folk who need to be hushed up or put down!

So instead of making statements like, "We need there to be a strong presence of color and diversity in everything we do so that it is no longer taboo to vote for, elect, or support someone that doesn't look like you," you'd rather get rid of networks, months and award shows that strive to carve a niche into a country that has gone to great lengths to wipe out color altogether.

You said that, "If things were the other way around, we'd be up in arms." Are you kidding me?! If things were the other way around?! Sweetie, I don't know what rainbows and unicorn lands you've been living in, but things ARE the other way around. Regarding the Oscars, if the production companies, the writers, and any and all who have the ability to create roles in Hollywood, would create more roles that included people of color; aside from being maids, drug addicts, and whores, the Academy wouldn't have a problem with people trying to boycott, however ridiculous I think a boycott may be! But that's a different blog for a different black girl!

The point is: Saturation breeds an intended outcome love! You want to get rid of B.E.T. (a network that has supported your uppity ass your entire and unimpressive acting career) and the Image Awards and the B.E.T. Awards but yet you've said nothing about getting rid of the American Music Awards, the American Country Awards or even the Latin American Awards. You've said nothing about getting rid of Spanish niche TV such as Telemundo or Univision. Oh, but you feel like Black people are the only ones creating things for their own culture? Well, being that I can't even remember the last time your ass won an award for ANYTHING you've been in (let alone be nominated for), it might just be that you're bitter because being black wasn't good enough for you to be nominated for any Black award show to date!

And I know you're not serious about looking for an apology just because Morgan Freeman agrees with you!? Chile, Morgan don't pay my bills nor does he speak for all the people of color looking at your crazy ass being used as a puppet to further an agenda that Amerikkka crafted eons ago! I would have much preferred you sitting across from a Black interviewer or commentator to be able to have a REAL discussion about the issue as Black people. Yet, instead they puppeteer'd you across from an old White man who will never understand the argument or the need for the conversation to begin with. Fox baited you sweetie and you got hooked with that nice chunk of change they threw your way. Nevertheless, how you say things STILL needs work! You should be able to say something profound (that supports your own) without having to go back and try and clean it up cause you claim we "didn't understand you." Girl BYE! We understood yo ass and just didn't agree!

There is niche programming because as a whole, Amerikkka has not, does not, and probably will never look at differing races and cultures as truly equal. My personal views on the Oscars is that it was never made for us anyway! So why strive to try and be accepted to a party that no one wants us there for? Now, you want to make a statement and crash the party? I'm good with that, at least then the statement is, "You can try, but you can't get rid of us!" That's a truth I can stand behind!

Overall Miss Dash, I think that you have a way (like many other "light skin"/"White Accepted" black girls do) to say things that offend you're very own while only furthering Amerikkka's hidden (but not really) agenda. The meaning and core of what you say get's lost because you don't take the time to think about the phrasing and how that's going to be perceived by young black girls and even boys of color who are watching you all over social media. Or maybe you really just don't give a damn and you don't want a Black History Month and you just want to watch all the little white shows you can, who knows!? However, I do know this! Continue to say what you're saying and throwing under the bus the niche networks that have supported you all your "career" and you're going to prove to folks just how much of a biopic Clueless really was for you! Because I can tell you right now! You had more support from people hoping you'd learn how to drive that damned freeway with Murray and Cher, than you will EVER have as a Fox News contributor! Oh and by the way? Your cousin Damon has something to say too! Later lovely!

Featured Photo (unedited version) Courtesy of Ruben Diaz Jr.'s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

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