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The Life Of An LA Curly Girl: Fun, Fabulous & Free!

Hair has always been (and will probably always be) one of the foundations and fundamentals of any culture of color! It is, for many, an extension of expression, a statement of power, and a declaration of freedom in a world that tries its mass majority best to keep a good people down. LA Curly Girls is in the forefront with this encouraging hair movement that has swept our nation away with natural hair and natural hair care products!

Lady President, Lydia Boyd, created LA Curly Girls as a social network for women of color to have a place to encourage one another about embracing their natural hair. It is also a great forum for these women to gain knowledge about natural hair and the care it takes to maintain such beautiful curls, coils, and locs. From small meet ups of five to six to now having over 600 members city wide, LA Curly Girls continues to be a beacon of education, fun, encouragement, and bonafide sisterhood!

Now, it seems like there’s a month or a day for virtually everything; natural hair is no different. International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD) is a day for natural hair communities across America to virtually join in together in encouraging, educating and networking with one another about the fabulousness that is natural hair. Some may think, “Natural hair? What’s the big deal?” Well, for a woman of color it’s a very big deal! The natural curl pattern of most Black women in America has always been connected to a negative history. It has, in years past, been subjected to ideas of ugliness, unhygienic, poverty, and nowhere near the main stream ideas of what “beauty” stands for in the good old U.S of A. However, in the last decade, women of color have been taking a stand and taking back their power by portraying just how beautiful and regal their natural hair can be.

Women everywhere have told story after story of their natural hair transition and journey; letting go of weaves, perms, and some having let go of putting heat on their hair in any capacity altogether. However, there are those stories where the natural hair journey has not been so empowering from the gate. Many women have been ostracized from their families, friends, and even co-workers. Some natural hair journey trotters have experienced being, more so, the butt of a racial joke because of the complexity of their hair. Having people look and stare at what main stream media can’t seem to wrap their minute minds around. That is, unless a Kardashian does it of course! **Side Eye**

Stares and all, Lydia Boyd (along with LA Curly Girls and other natural hair groups) have created the perfect blend of clap-back and social acceptance one curly Q at a time. LA Curly Girls hosted one of the INHMD events this past Saturday in China Town, five minutes from historic Downtown Los Angeles. Vendors, patrons, young girls, grown woman, and even seniors showed up in support of LA Curly Girls and of course the chance to win a natural hair girl's number one addiction: LOTS AND LOTS OF PRODUCT!

With an informative panel discussion on the pro’s and con’s of using Henna in natural hair for coloring purposes to a riveting and gorgeous head wrap demonstration by Curvy Girls N’Curls own, Lila Mayes, LA Curly Girls showed up and showed out!

Aside from a fantastic educational panel discussion, the vendors were definitely in the building with an array of colorful clothing lines, unique jewelry lines, and the most sought after product at any vendor event: The body butters, scrubs, and hair products! LA Curly Girls rocked it all the way while hosting this years INHMD event. Congrats LA Curly Girls!! And to Lydia Boyd, continue to be the best Madame President out there! Take a look below for some more amazing moments at this phenomenal event.

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