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Fired from The Real: Tamar Braxton Gets Her Unemployed Life!

Now we all know I love a girl with a sassy 'tude! However, Tamar Braxton's attitude just might be what landed her in the talk show unemployment line. The Real (ex)co-host was recently let go, sources say, due to some difficulties she had, not only with production, but with some of the other hosts as well. According to someone close to the show, Pinterest was sponsoring a segment and one of the sites representatives got quite an eye and earful as Tamar had, what is said to have been, an epic tantrum over.....wait for it.......a GAME!

Now, I'm all for a little healthy competition but does that come before securing your coin?! I THINK NOT!!! The source says that the sponsor was extremely unimpressed with Tamar's lack of professionalism and although production cut and pasted what they could to present an air-able episode, the sponsor was there to witness the entire ugly get down.

Most of America fell in love with Tamar as she branded trap style ratchetness (that is now at the forefront of social media and reality TV) on the hit show Braxton's Family Values; later having her spin off show with Husband, Vincent Herbert, on Tamar & Vince. Phrases like "Have several seats" and "Get your life" are only two of the catch phrases that Tamar has helped go viral and stored forever in the slang hall of fame. However, during her stint on Dancing With The Stars, production decided to do some focus groups to see if the show could survive without the beloved (or maybe not so much) Tay-Tay and her Tamar-ness.

A few focus groups later, production found (according to the same source) that educated and working women didn't find Tamar appealing or relatable enough. They found her to be "ghetto" and the epitome of all black female stereotypes that women have fought for decades to overcome. Now, I can't put on Mrs. Herbert the entire weight of a Black Girl Magic set back, but I will say that I understand how her antics can be a bit much for a certain demographic. Not to mention that many bloggers, vloggers, and fans felt like Tamar took constant bullying jabs at co-host Jeannie Mai, making her likability drop with audiences as well. No one likes a bully Tamar!

Regarding the focus groups opinions on the queen of "seats" and the having of them, it's quite understandable how a certain demographic can sway toward #TeamTooMuch when it comes to Tamar and her particular personality type. The Real was set to be the The View for a younger audience (16-30), however, with the majority of the cast being over 30 years-old, they captured a majority female audience that ranges from 30-45 years of age. Had the show reached and maintained that 16 to 30-year-old group of viewers, maybe Tamar and her Tamar-isms would have been better received. The show's source also said,

"It was even said [during the focus groups] she seemed more suited to be a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race on Logo instead of a talk show host on The Real!"

I hope that wasn't a dig for the LGBTQ community, as to say that Rupaul's Drag Race is a negative platform, however she definitely fits the bill for the panel on that show! Sassy, classy clap-backs and all!

Tamar posted this picture to Instagram giving her fans the "real" on the situation,

According to blogger B. Scott, Tamar has unfollowed all of the ladies of the show, except, Tamera Mowry-Housley. Tamar, I hope all works out well for you, I mean, it's not like your dying for coinage!

**Feature photo courtesy of DeShaun Craddocks Flickr Page- Creative Common's License**

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