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Steve Harvey Gives Tamar Braxton Her Own Talk Show: Come On Jesus!

The internet is still in a tizzy over the firing of Tamar Braxton from the hit talk show, The Real. The rumor mills have been spinning trying to figure out the reason for Tamar’s departure. Some said it was due to outlandish diva behavior behind the scenes, others say it was discord with some of the other ladies on the panel, and the rest say it was a little bit of both. Aside from the cryptic Instagram message of betrayal sent out from Tamar’s account, there has been no word from the “have several seats” queen, herself, on the matter. Well, her silence is now broken as she sat with Steve Harvey to discuss her side of all that went down.

Apparently, this particular turn-up happened on a Saturday as Tamar’s husband, Vincent Herbert, was calling one of The Real's producers to discuss hair and make-up for Tamar’s appearance at the Essence festival. During the call, production inadvertently told Vince that they will not be continuing on with Tamar as one of the co-hosts. Talk about a, “Can you hear me now?” Verizon moment! SAY WHAT!?!?

The singer and realty TV star recalls her feelings in the moment of being told by her husband that she had been let go,

“Really, honestly, my heart sunk to my shoes….I pretty much fell over.”

Tamar expresses how much she enjoyed driving herself to work everyday; interacting with the other ladies of the show (Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Adrienne Bailon). The Love & War artist says that there is nothing she is able to recall to give any inclination that there was an issue regarding her performance or presence on the show.

“I wish I could tell you that, you know, that it was a headache on set. It wasn’t. I really honestly don’t know,” says Tamar.

Needless to say that this interview definitely lays to rest the the feuding cast rumors while corroborating Loni Love's YouTube video addressing rumors spun by Wendy Williams. Many feel as though Tamar isn’t even going to miss The Real coinage being that she still has Braxton Family Values, Tamar & Vince, and of course her solo music career. However, other birdies are chirping that Tamar & Vince has allegedly had it’s plug pulled and Epic Records (according to Hip Hop Hollywood) has silently dropped Tamar from their roster; leaving her on the website’s roster until the news is made public. WHAT!? Say it ain’t so!

Alas, there is a silver lining in all the alleged news of dropped labels and cancelled shows as Steve Harvey announced on his radio show today that East 112 Street Productions (Harvey’s company) has signed Tamar Braxton to produce her own Talk Show! In the might words of Tay-Tay herself, “ Come on Jesus!”

Steve Harvey Interview w/Tamar Braxton

Steve Harvey Announces Tamar's Own Talk Show

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