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Chris Brown: Arrested Again?! [Video] **Explicit Language**

Chris Brown is making entertainment news yet again as a neighboring woman alleges that Brown threatened her with a firearm. The Pop singer has been under scrutiny by police before, having just recently finished his probation in 2015. Brown took to Instagram to vent his frustrations that he has done nothing wrong and that the media is twisting the situation to make him seem like a violent villain; a projection he says is entirely false.

TMZ followed the story, reporting that Brown had emerged from his home with his entourage and attorney. Among the entourage was friend and fellow artist, Ray J, who was also detained shortly after trying to leave Brown's home. TMZ reported that Brown looked calm as he stood outside his LA home to speak to the LAPD officers. Reuters reported Lieutenant, Chris Ramirez, as commenting that Brown was arrested and will be taken to robbery homicide.

There were allegations that weapons, drugs and other things were found in Brown's home, only after alleging that the singer threw a duffle bag of illegal possessions out of his window. The woman who made the call, causing the media frenzy at Brown's home, is said to be a Baylee Curran, a former 2016 Miss California. Allegedly, Curran was threatened by Brown with a firearm but was able to run away and make the call. The call garnered an immediate response by LAPD as well as SWAT. No information on whether or not Brown has been charged with anything as of yet, however we are hoping (for Brown's sake) that there is more to the story that the media isn't sharing.

Feature Photo Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi's Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

Video courtesy of Xcape's YouTube Page

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