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To Be Fierce, Fabulous & Feminine!

What happens to women who are beautifully and wonderfully made? What happens when someone recognizes their power and their worth? They become the pages of an adult coloring book by the amazing artist, Phyllis A. Taylor, both "...real and imagined!"

Taylor is an accomplished painter, sketch artist, and teacher living in Florida. She studied at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from The Philadelphia College of Art. A mother of three and grandmother of six , Phyllis' love for faces spans throughout her extensive collection of magnificent pieces. She captures the very essence of ones spirit in the faces that she creates. With a masterful hand, Phyllis utilizes graphite pencil to create most of her collection but can equally paint them as well using oil paints.

Fierce, Feminine & Fabulous is truly a tribute to women. Specifically, from the pages I've been able to see, women of color. Taylor's coloring book extracts the difficulties and stresses that most adult coloring books seem to enhance with the minute and intricate crevices adorning the pages. The small shapes and busy patterns that may send some colorists running for the hills have been edited out of Taylor's rendition to help reintroduce the soothing, calming and enjoyable art of coloring. Color a goddess with mops of curls. Bring to life the powerful face of a nature beauty or simply gaze at the amazing art of the pages that Phyllis as gifted.

Whatever your liking, whatever your attraction, grab your colors, grab this book and enjoy a great, good time expressing your own creativity in the pages of this coloring book for adults. Albeit, your little ones may enjoy it too!


For More Art From The Artist CLICK HERE

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