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Jordan Peele Exposes Auction of Black People!

It was a regular Monday morning; bluesy like any other Monday and I get a text from the homie Styx.

“Sooooo…Idk about you but I’m tryna see Get Out. Is it a possibility that you and others

will want to make it a group event?”

To which I replied,

“…yes that is a possibility….”

Fast forward to a group of friends ending up at AMC Del Amo 18 on a Friday night to see Jordan Peele’s ethnically charged thriller, Get Out.

The premise of the movie follows a suburban white family who meet’s the black boyfriend, Chris (played by Daniel Kaluuya), of their daughter Rose (Allison Williams). Upon finding out that mommie dearest is a hypnotist, events quickly spiral out of control as the audience discovers that Missy Armitage (Katherine Keener) and her husband Dean (Bradley Whitford) are kidnapping black people, hypnotizing them, and….well, they’re not inviting them over for dinner per se.

As thrillers go there was a great deal of areas to jump at and be surprised, but sitting in the theatre, watching the film, the most tantalizing part of the film was the psychological acknowledgement that this type of cruel violation isn’t too far from a realistic occurrence. How does Peele create a film that takes a seemingly harmless practice and turn it into something so sadistic and carnal? It was innovative, exciting, provocative, and perfectly cast. Albeit, like anything else there were some things that I just could not deal with!

First and foremost, when you’re dating a person of the caucus (Caucasian) it is extremely important that said individual of the caucus make it very clear to they’re family that they’re dating someone of color! Specifically a black person. I could have slapped Rose when she divulged that she did not think it a need to tell her parents that her boyfriend was black. Sarcastically replying to Chris,

"Mom and dad, my black boyfriend will be coming up this weekend. I just don't want you to be shocked that he's a 'blackman'."

Girl GOODNIGHT! Get your pillow and blanket and go have a very long nap for that ignorance. The next issue I had was all about Chris. When I tell you that there were SO many racist moments at this white girls family’s "plantation"; out in the middle of nowhere….I just couldn’t resolve within myself how any black person could have stayed in an environment where EVERYONE that you've met has had some racist remark or ethnically obscured statement to make:

“Black is back in style…”

“I would have voted for Obama a third time if I could have.”

“So tell me Rose, are the rumors true? Are they better?”

Mind you Chris was standing there the ENTIRE time! I couldn’t help but be one of those individuals in the audience screaming the title at the screen: GET OUT!!!! Pack your bags and get the hell out of white’s-ville Chris! Alas, he did not. He stayed for the love of Rose.

**Side eye**

As an actor myself, I often pay attention to the craft of acting from those on the screen. I was not disappointed in this area of the film in the least. Betty Gabriel gave such a beautifully uncomfortable performance as the maid Georgina. As one of the awkward black people in the film, she mastered a mixture of emotional struggle and that Stepford-esque quality that her character required. The same can be said of Lakeith Stanfield who played Andre, a bystander in the films opening scene who later makes quite the unconventional appearance. The comical talents of Peele’s ability were not lost on this film either as Lil Rel Howery - who played Chris’ best friend Rod - gave some of the most comical and realistic reactions and moments in this movie.

Overall, I was entertained, I was shocked, I was enraged, while being thoroughly flabbergasted at the possibility of someone being so methodically sociopathic they could create an entire community where black people are auctioned off like prized heirlooms in a modern day America. Bravo to Jordan Peele and the cast and crew of Get Out!!! Five stars ALL the way!

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