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Sugar Bear Hair Launch: All Sugar, No Spice!

As a natural hair advocate, I’m always up for finding out and trying new products. Well, I was not disappointed when I was invited to the launch of a new pop up shop for a vitamin that is not only packaged in the cutest way, but changes the way hair vitamins taste across the board!

With a founder who wasn’t able to swallow conventional pills and gagged from the bitter and pharmaceutical taste of most hair Vitamins, Sugar Bear Hair was created to help healthy hair growers get the vitamins they need without wanting to vomit! It’s a bite size chewable bear - I know what you’re thinking! Yes we’re adults and yes we’re still eating chewable vitamins in the shapes of animals - that literally tastes like a fruit snack. The site currently offers a one (1) month supply, a three (3) month supply or a six (6) month supply - the latter two coming with snazzy little extra’s as a gift. Did I mention that they’re very affordable? Well DUH!

The launch took place at the upscale rooftop bar of EP & LP in West Hollywood. Overlooking the city, the event was lavishly decorated with everything sweet and nice, all sugar, no spice! That is, if you don’t count the cocktails. A beautiful flowered wall adorned the company name and gave guests the perfect spot to take photo’s with bear shaped props that were just too adorable not to use.

Of course you can’t have sugar in your name and not break out with the most decorative and flavor blasting assortment of sweets! Cupcake cones, sugar pudding parfaits, unicorn poop (which in all actuality were the most delicious little chocolate covered balls ever), add an open bar filled with sugar rimmed cocktails and this event had enough sweetness in it to give Willy Wonka a run for his money!

I had an amazing time networking with people across the hair, entertainment, and blogging industries and look forward to more fun times with the Sugar Bear Hair family. To order your subscription of these amazingly tasteful chews simply CLICK HERE!

Feature Photo Courtesy of On The Jaye Spot- Creative Commons License

In-Lay Photos Courtesy of On The Jaye Spot - Creative Commons License

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