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New R&B Artist Making Waves: Kovah Reesh Swerves Easy!

Male R&B has definitely changed since the days of a romantic Luther era, a sex infused Usher era, or the boy groups of the 90s - Dru Hill, Boys II Men, 112, Jagged Edge - that kept us on the dance floor, constantly changing our voicemail with a new song intro or tagging a song title at the end of a letter we were sending to the latest individual we were dating. Don't play! You know you used to do it too!

Anyhoo, with a vapid devolution of music in the last decade, it's hard to connect to any new artist without fearing that you're going to hear the same trash you've been hearing from your local radio stations. Especially when their rep hits you up asking you to take a listen to the latest single that's soon to drop. Well, he's no Luther and he's no Usher, but he doesn't have to be! Kovah Reesh is taking R&B music back to the place we all know and love. He is so unassuming as an artist that you truly just sit back in amazement at how familiar he sounds. You see him with his West Coast swag and intense sexy stare, having already made your conclusions as to who he is and what he's about to sound like - another rapper.....great!!! WRONG! Kovah opens his mouth and out comes the silky smooth sound that takes you back to the days when music really made you feel something special.

I couldn't have been more surprised that this dude could actually sing! Now, I'm always looking to support new talent, but when everybody and their mother is throwing tracks and MP3s your way, you quickly lose hope that any new artist is worth the listen. Kovah is not one of those artists! His latest single, Swerve Easy, just dropped May 31 and has been burning up the clubs as DJ Freddie Fresco and DJ Kryp2nite - just to name a few - have been putting the record in heavy rotation. It's a great summer joint! Kovah Reesh has a smooth tone that's sexy and easy to groove to. Definitely a voice that can light up radio stations everywhere. He's not bad to look at either! Just don't stare into those swooning eyes for too long ladies, you may get a little lost!

            Download Swerve Easy HERE!!!

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