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The Jaye Rant: Wendy Williams Passes Out; Tyrese Gibson Breaks Down; Kevin Spacey A Pedophile?! [Vid

What's going on JayeTribers! Social media has been buzzing like a busy little hive with the latest in celebrity news these past few days! Wendy Williams went on air Tuesday morning to do a special segment of her show, when the host suddenly took a wide eyed stare before passing completely out! She returned to the segment saying that she overheated in her costume and passed out. Now, we all know how savage social media can be, but where do we draw the line? Some are saying this was all a stunt for ratings, some just thought it comedy -regardless if it was real - while others are extremely concerned for Williams' well being. Take a look at the video and tell me what you think:

To air on the side of concern, I hope that Wendy is fine and that it simply was just a costume overheat. However, I personally don't believe that costume bit for a minute. Wendy, how YOU doin'? Fa real doh!!

In other news, Tyrese Gibson put fans in their emotionals as he went live to express his distress on losing his daughter in a custody battle. The video came after a few Instagram posts addressing the acceptance of a Fast & Furious spinoff by Dwayne Johnson, formerly known as The Rock. In the video, Gibson expresses that he's spent over $13,000 a month in legal fees fighting for his daughter. Apparently, this spinoff acceptance from Johnson - minus the rest of the cast - is causing Gibson to lose money that is desperately needed. I don't think social media is always best to air out dirty laundry, but this is a clear indication that if nothing else Tyrese loves and misses his daughter. Take a look at the video. Do you think Tyrese should have broken down for the world to see?

My heart goes out to him. I haven't always heard the greatest things about Mr. Gibson in the industry, but when you see a father yearning to do right by their kids, it kind of pulls at your heart strings when they have - what appears to be - a very public mini breakdown. I still, however, don't know if this was the best use of his social media. What we as fans and viewers may take as a tender moment, could very well become speculation of psychological instability and could hurt him in future court proceedings.

Now we've all seen the feeds on Kevin Spacey and this "outing" story that he has going on. Well, just in case you've been living under a social media rock, here's the deal! Actor Anthony Rapp recently outed Spacey for making sexual advances at him when he was only 14 - Spacey being 26 at the time. Rapp said in light of what has gone on with Harvey Weinstein, he felt the need to come out and let it be known that women are not the only ones falling prey to sexual abuse inside the entertainment industry. In responding to Rapp's allegations of pedophilia, Spacey here, decided to say that he didn't remember the incident and IF it did happen it was due to his drunken behavior! -_- Really Kevin?! Really?! To make matters worse he took that SAME moment to come out and say he was gay! Here's my issue with ALL of this:

1) How is a sexual advance toward a child "drunken behavior? I mean, unless you're an adult who likes kids while you're sober!

2) Why would you choose a moment addressing pedophilia to discuss being gay? Did you not think that the two PROBABLY shouldn't have been linked together for the - already ignorant and hateful - people in the world who look at homosexuals like rapists and pedophiles already?!

Thanks Mr. Spacey for making the LGBTQ struggle that much more difficult in trying to brush under the rug your semi-admittance of child sexual advancement!

Wendy Williams Feature Photo Courtesy of CelebrityABC's Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

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Kevin Spacey Feature Photo Courtesy of Alexander Klug's Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

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Wendy Williams In-Lay Video Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight's YouTube Page

Tyrese's In-Lay Video Courtesy of All Black Media's YouTube Page

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