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Brandy Shades Monica: The Boy's Yours But The Song Is Mine! [Video]

Now, I thought the Essence festival was supposed to be an empowering event? How empowering is this slight, nice-nasty shade that Ms. Norwood is throwing to our beloved Monica?

The Boy Is Mine hit the charts back in '98 and is currently the only Grammy that EITHER artist have to date. Back when Monica was a guest host on The Real, Brandy threw some other shade and this is the classiness that Brandy got in response:

Brandy might want to grow just a tad bid more...I mean we know you wrote on the song and you're getting that royalty check but let's not be high school petty a year before 40 boo!

Feature Photo [E-Blast] Courtesy of Lloyd Klein's Flickr Page - Creative Commons License

Inlay Video Courtesy of InquisitiveCarter's Instagram Page

Inlay Video Courtesy of The Real Daytime's YouTube Page

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