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Is Tamar Braxton Homo-Hateful?! Singer Calls Tank A Queen...

The world officially fell in love with the Blind singer back in 2011 when she joined her family - and multi platinum singer/sister Toni Braxton - and allowed the public an inside look to the values of family, love, music, and sisterhood on the WE tv realty show, Braxton Family Values. Tamar Braxton became a fan favorite with her ratchet slang, over-the-top reactions and antics, and of course that undeniable voice. I mean the girl could vocally back up her Diva-ness.

Shooting up the ranks of realty TV royalty, Tamar reached the platform she’d always dreamed - stardom as a solo artist. With singles like Love and War, Blind, and Pieces - to name a few - Tamar has etched out a very large and long lasting following among music lovers. She has come to lovingly call her fans Tamartians. No doubt a c-list version of the Bey-hive, but I digress.

It is no secret that Tamar has been very public of her support of the LGBTQA+ community over the years. From borrowed slang to members of her personal entourage and team,Tamar has surrounded herself with gay fabulousness at all times. However, is there a tinge of homo-intolerance or homo-hatred lodged somewhere deep in her hetero psyche that the community might not be seeing?

In a recent show down with singer/songwriter Tank (Savage, Maybe I Deserve, When We), Tamar decided to go for the ‘Gay-gular’ when she brought up Tanks affinity for anilingus and later called Tank a Queen for suggesting she was a nasty girl! Miss Jackson obviously was NOT present!

Now, the core of the issue is that Tamar fired her band and decided to make it known to her fans that she did so. Tank in retaliation, posted to IG defending the band; letting Tamar know that - because they’re friends - she may have received false information and shouldn't embarrass these talented young men online.

Well, Tamar didn’t take too kindly to the Savage singer ‘butting’ into her business and she let him know, in no uncertain terms, how she felt about it:

Tank politely clapped back as the gentleman that he is:

Tamar must have been playing Mortal Kombat, because she definitely felt a FINISH HIM in her spirit:

Albeit, we LIVE for such celebrity shade such as this, but is Tamar exhibiting a bit of Homo-hatred with her insults? With so many gay men in her immediate circle helping her be the fabulous phenom that she claims to be, is using homosexual innuendos as a way to diminish and tear down someone ever ok?

I've often times seen/heard hetero women appropriate gay culture and terminology as quickly as White Amerikkka appropriates Black and Brown culture and terminology. They claim to support and love the LGBTQA+ community, but when push comes to shove and the gloves come off with one of their enemies - whether long-lasting or temporary - they are the first ones to throw the Gay card out as a way of insulting their target. Yet, celebs like Tamar Braxton keeps getting a pass.... WHY IS THAT?! It's the equivalent to a White man who has a slew of Black friends, getting upset and throwing out the word n***er and then just walking right back into the cookout. Umm, sir/ma'am NOT TODAY!!!

If I were Tamar's friend, I'd definitely have to call her homo appropriating ass on the carpet for some of these insinuations. James Wright Chanel! Where you at boo? You still reppin' for the community? Cause your homegirl needs a checkup!

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