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A Treasure, A Star...A Legend: Janice Freeman-Neuble [Video]

Janice Freeman-Neuble (June 10, 1985-March 2, 2019)

Janice Freeman-Neuble was a force to be reckoned with. Having hailed from Harrisburg, PA, Janice was an amazing vocalist, inspiring lyricist, loving daughter and sister, devoted wife and mother, and an amazing friend to those who had the miraculous pleasure of knowing her beyond the stage. She had a radiance about her that can only be described as one thing where I come from: Anointing. She was gifted by God to lay her all on every stage for every performance. The raspy tone that bellowed like an amped up bass line would hit you dead in the center of your chest and your soul experienced the best that she had to offer. She was not only a star - that was undeniable - she was an experience!

In 2009, Janice was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease known as lupus erythematosus. Unable to differentiate good cells from bad cells in the body, lupus erythematosus attacks all cells, leading to a number of medical conditions that include constant inflammation and pain throughout the body. Many didn't know that as Janice was lighting up a stage with her electrifying performances that she was doing so despite the pain she often felt. It was a pain that she often said she didn't feel the masses needed to know about. In 2011, Janice had to face another hurdle: Cancer. At just 26-years-old at the time, Janice was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was in for the fight of her life. Prayerfully she was able to beat cancer and was thankful to God that even though her Lupus diagnosis was still standing, she was given more time to achieve the many dreams she set out to reach.

Medical complications were not going to stop Mrs. Neuble however! She knew that she didn't want for her legacy to just be about fighting a disease. During one of our many conversations about life and the pursuit of our goals she said to me,

"Lupus is what I have; it's not who I am. I want people to know me for my ministry, not my misery."

As a phenomenal artist, Janice made her way through the circuit of entertainment here in Los Angeles. Performing for venues such as Zen Lounge, The Federal, Sayers Club, and many more, she became the show stopping talent that people were coming to see. With her signature bald head, flashy jewelry, vibrant makeup, and heels that could reach heaven, people were flooding into these venues to hear the voice that could only describe as other worldly. In 2017 Janice auditioned and wowed producers and audiences alike on the hit NBC show The Voice. Her rendition of Imagine Dragon's, Radioactive, garnered her the attention of celebrity judges Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus. Cyrus celebrated as she was the judge that Janice chose to go with. Cyrus mentored Janice in the 13th season of the show and Janice made it to the top 11 before being cast off the show. However, her mark had been made! Janice left the show and was thrust into a whirlwind of success as she began to perform for larger venues across the country and even around the world. She was destined to be one of the largest musical inspirations that our generation had ever seen.

On March 2, at around 8pm I received a text from her best friend, Jamie, telling me that our dear friend was gone. With an infection that complicated her breathing, leading to a blood clot in her lungs, Janice Freeman-Neuble was gone. The scream that I let out rings in my head even still. Janice was, for many people, an inspiration. For others who performed with her, a co-worker in the business, but for few, she was just Janice. The goofy girl who loved to laugh. The one who would pinch you if she felt like you were doing or saying something that was a bit too real for the public or a bit too petty - I got these quite often! She was the woman who fought day in and day out to be the best mother she knew to be to her baby girl. She was the woman who wanted to take care of all of those that she held dear in her heart. She was a protector, a provider, a prayer warrior, a humanitarian, and just an amazing individual to have known if she ever graced your presence.

On a personal level, Janice was one of the greatest friends I could have had. We encouraged each other. We kept each other lifted in prayer. We checked on each just because we would drop into each others spirits. We connected on a level where fake and phony could not exist. Where money and prestige didn't matter. She knew that all she had to do was ask and I was there and sometimes she didn't even have to ask; I was just going to be there! She is survived by her loving husband Dion and her beautiful daughter Hannah. She is remembered by her family and associates, honored by her core Tribe of friends, and loved by all who truly knew her. She may not have had long - to us - here on earth, but she undeniably left her mark on the lives of millions! Janice, may you be joyful in a place where there is no pain, singing in a place that deserves your voice, resting in a place that only the God we serve can supply you! Here's to you my dear friend!

Wildest Dreams - Original by Janice Freeman-Neuble

You- Original by Janice Freeman-Neuble

Photos Courtesy of Janice Freeman's Public Facebook Page

"Wildest Dreams" Video Courtesy of Janice Freeman's YouTube Page

"You" Video Courtesy of P4CM's YouTube Page

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