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True Blood’s Lafayette Is Gone: Nelson Ellis Dies at 39!

It is always a true statement that we never know what tomorrow is going to bring; whether we know of symptoms that could cause a particular outcome, we still never seem ready for it when it arrives. Amid a very impressive resume, I first fell in love with Nelson Ellis as he portrayed the loud talking, spirit walking, unapologetic, and sassy Lafayette Reynolds on the HBO show True Blood.

Thrown into a world of vampires, witches, werewolves, and fairies, Lafayette navigated life in a way that allowed me to see a little more of myself on screen than I ever have before. That persona, that level of skillful portrayal was none other than the work of Nelson Ellis. At 39 years old, Ellis lost his life due to complications with heart failure, per his manager Emily Gerson Saines.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ellis is survived by his grandmother (Alex Brown), his father (Tommie Lee Thompson) and his son (Breon Ellis). He is also survived by his sisters - Lakeeia Thomson, Tianna Thompson, Shaentika Beard, and Yvonne Ellis. As well as his brothers - Tommie Lee Thompson, Babon Ellis, Maurice Turne.

His mother, Jackie Ellis, preceded him in death.

The family has asked that donations be made to the Jenesse Center or The Restoration Ministries Church of God and Christ in lieu of any flowers that family, friends or fans may want to send.

Nelson, I never met you personally, but I thank you for your work, your ethic, your talent, and the blessing that you’ve been on the screen (for me) and off the screen (for others).

Primary Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons- Creative Commons License

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