"When owning a business it is very important to hire [someone] that represents your vision. Danyol was the

PERFECT person for my company's vision. He was a leader and Customer Service specialist." 

Cabrini Schnyder, Concept Creator 


"Danyol is exceptional and creative. He worked well with the concepts I provided and not only brought them to life but made them accessable to others."

Roderick Hines, Choral Director 


"Danyol brings a barrage of skills and talents...he is loyal and dedicated and thrives on making everyone and everything around him better. Danyol Jaye is the truth."
PJ Morris, CFO, Vintage City Entertainment
"Working with Danyol Jaye wasn't work at all. Our chemistry was immeidate. He's super talented and his improvisation is off the chain!"
Mia Hunt, Actress
"His creativity and ear for penning original content is remarkable. As a witness to his writing talents, I have also had the pleasure of watching him as an actor, singer, and host and he is a dynamic and eloquent performer."
Brit Morris, President/Executive Producer, Vintage City Entertainment
"Danyol is unapologetically honest, raw, kind and ridiculously talented. He can make you cry, laugh, and also makes you think."
Tiffany Snow, Actress 
"Danyol is an amazing gift to the world in so many different aspects. He is an awesome singer, actor, producer, teacher, and entrepreneur."
Tanisha Lyons-Porter, Founder & CEO, Natural Born Organizers 
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