The Kimora Whisperer- Lianca Lyons

With a hit new show on the Style Network, fashion icon, business maven, and mom, Kimora Lee Simmons, is spicing up television sets all over the world with the networks brand new show: Kimora:  House Of Fab.  From fabulous shoes to cookey co-workers, Kimora definitely has her hands full.  So who keeps Kimora together? 

Coined as the Kimora Whisperer, Lianca Lyons is the Senior Marketing Manager for the growing fashion company JustFAB while also being the right hand to Miss Fab herself.  On The Jaye Spot creator and host, Danyol Jaye, sat down with Lianca to find out a little more about how she keeps Kimora focused, makes Just Fab shine even brighter and continues to be an inspiration for women of color everywhere. 

DJ: Lianca, first and foremost thank you so much for sitting with On The Jaye Spot for this interview.  It’s truly a humbling opportunity.  You’re such an amazing women and so much fun to watch every week.  I’m sure my JayeScribers want to know how you would describe yourself as a business woman, more specifically, as a business woman of color that’s now on a syndicated TV show?

LL: Well thank you and On The Jaye Spot for asking me.  It’s truly my pleasure.  In regard to your question, I refuse to be a stereotype in the business world and definitely not on TV.  I try to carry myself with class and dignity while always being true to myself: free-spirited and loud!  However, during a heated moment in the boardroom, I will be the calm and steady one.  My life has to glorify God ALWAYS.

DJ: Being in such a creative industry and position with Just Fab what is it that inspires you?

LL: God, Life, Love, and people that are different than me.  I love people that think, act or believe differently than I do. I can see past that and can take inspiration from anything and apply it to my life, my work, my vision, my dreams, or my goals.  My vision board is key to my inspiration.  Motivated to work, inspired to love, and they both flow into each other.  I look at it everyday and take it in because that vision is what I want for my life.

DJ: Well that alone is very inspiring and admirable.  Specifically for people who are getting to know more about you and who are looking to be in a position like yours one day.  What do you enjoy most about what you do?

LL: It used to be the creative process.  Now, as I’ve grown as a producer, I’ve learned that my role is to keep my department focused and on-track.  I’m the communication that keeps everything flowing properly.  I’m the oil that keeps the machine going.  Depending on the situation I have to be good cop and bad cop but as long as I do it with a laser beam of love, not expecting anything in return, it satisfies me.  I LOVE being the wheel master….

DJ: I’m sure many love being the “wheel master”.  I know I do, hahaha!!  What has been your largest accomplishment that you are most proud of?

LL: I’m a praise & worship leader at church and I’ve struggled with being genuine to myself while also having to lead.  I’m most proud that I’m growing and getting better and stronger in my anointing and what I’m called to do as a worship leader each time I lead.  What I was fearful of last year, I’ve conquered this year and I want to continue to grow in my gift because I believe it will strengthen and grow my relationship with God.  It’s really all connected.

DJ: Being that you have taken such a strong stance about how passionate you are in your faith and being so successful thus far, I’m sure people assume that your life is a bed of roses.  What has been your most challenging obstacle in your life?

LL: Haha!!  Conquering celibacy as a single (almost 36 year old) female that loves Jesus more than sex.  I love sex but the ramifications for me are simply not worth it.  I want my greatest accomplishment in life to be the first time I make love to my husband on our wedding night.  AMAZING!!!

DJ: Well that definitely is no easy task I’m sure.  I’m even more sure there are millions of women out there saying “there’s no way!!”  However, that is a great achievement and very admirable to say the least.  So in looking at the show and having been coined the Kimora Whisperer, obviously there are some up’s and down’s to what you do.  What part of your “Whispering” could you do without and why?

LL: Sometimes the most difficult part of my job is the communication between parties.  If people don’t agree I have to respectfully communicate the problem and how it needs to be corrected.  It takes a LOT of bi-partisan communication because trust me, everyone wants what they want.  If it isn’t the same, it’s my job to find a happy medium.  Sometimes I sit and think to myself “I thought I worked in fashion, not in politics.”  LOL…

DJ: There always seems to be a political side to everything now a days.  Now that the show has aired, what is it like seeing the finished product?  Do you feel that you are being painted in the light of who you really are?

LL: It’s exciting to see the show every week because I didn’t really see the other story lines as they were being filmed.  So it’s interesting to see what my co-workers are up to.  I think I’m being portrayed very accurately but I didn’t doubt I would be.  I was true to myself yet very conscious of who I wasn’t: that stereotypical black girl on reality TV shows.  Umm, NO!

DJ: Being the right hand to Kimora herself, how do you deal with the recognition that not only comes along with the show, but with being so close to such an iconic figure like Kimora Lee Simmons?

LL: Honestly?  I changed my hair, so I don’t really get recognized.  LOL.

DJ: It’s amazing how a hair-do can change someone’s look so drastically.  However I think your personality is readily noticeable.  Watching the show, clips and of course reading the blogs, you are basically the grounding force for Kimora.  Who keeps you grounded with so many responsibilities?

LL: JESUS CHRIST, THE LORD!!  I’m constantly praying for the words to say, the intonation to say it, the wisdom to phrase it, and that it is received the way I am trying to relay it.  God is my everything.

DJ: Along with your whispering duties you’re also in charge of producing successful and trendy photo shoots’ for JustFab.  How do you keep up with the latest trends and styles?

LL: Angela Fink.  She is the in-house stylist and is up on all the latest and greatest.  I can have 1 conversation with her and leave knowing everything I need to know about fashion and trends for the current and upcoming season.

DJ: I know that you aspire and ARE a mentor to many young women, but if YOU could choose any mentor (living or dead) who would it be and why?

LL: There are so many!  I think Oprah because she has mastered how to be an ON-camera Executive Producer.  She is the face but also the brains behind the camera.  That is what my future looks like, so I would want her to mentor me in that aspect: how to master BOTH.

DJ: What do you enjoy doing on your down time away from JustFab and the show?

LL: Pilates is my new obsession.  My video diary keeps me sane, I talk things out (thanks Beyonce).  I’m in a work cycle so even when I’m not at JustFab, I’m working on my blog or writing out ideas for my blog.  Obviously my friends and family and ALONE time.  I need my Lianca time!!

DJ: What do you hope to gain from the platform that you are afforded with JustFab, The Style Network and Kimora’s House of Fab?

LL: I would love to be recognized as a smart intelligent business women that is great behind the camera and in-front of the camera.  If the right person saw that in me, who knows what my future holds!

DJ: Knowing your personality and simply who you are as a person, if they did a film about your life who would you want to play you?

LL: I’m kind of into Meagan Good right now.  I listen to her story and I can see some similarities.  She has earned a spot on my list of ladies I have my eye on.  I’m really digging her right now!

DJ: What do you find most challenging about what you do specifically?

LL: Balance of work and life.  I’m married to my job which makes it hard for me to be married to anything else.

DJ: I like to ask my guests some random questions so I have a few for you as well.  What’s one fun fact about you?

LL: I have concerts in my closets with a brush microphone and everything.  I think my neighbors hate me.  LOL.

DJ: One fact about you people wouldn’t expect for you to share would be what?

LL: I’m not a neat-freak.  Draw your own conclusions.  LOL.

DJ: With all that has happened in your life professionally, spiritually and personally, what’s next on your journey?

LL: L.O.V.E!!!  I’m crossing the finish line in this work season only to begin a new race of life, love and family.  I’m ready, it’s time, and it’s coming!

DJ: If you had to leave the world with one last thought or message what would it be?

LL: Change your perspective, it will change your life!

DJ: What big events can we expect from Just Fab?

LL: **Dramatic Pause** You’ll have to keep watching Kimora: House of Fab!

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