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Raised in Los Angeles, California, The Prince B-ReaL began her literary career as a writer, very young, reporting for a school newspaper. In the same year she realized her passion for culinary art's upon her enrollment in the schools R.O.P (Regional Occupational Program). The Prince quickly made herself a viable asset to the schools student-run restaurant sparking a desire to be an entrepreneur.   


In 2004, The Prince decided to further her culinary education enrolling in the Art Institute of California-Los Angeles, where she completed an Associate of Science degree in Culinary Arts. A chef and writer, The Prince took her skills from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in hopes of building a name and a brand for herself. 


Now as a budding radio personality and spoken word artist, The Prince can be found at a number of local open mic nights as well as local slams. You can catch her videos on YouTube as she previews weekly uploads for her soon to come mix-tape entitled 'I Love You Still'. As a poet and spoken word artist, The Prince tells her life struggle through a series of witty and uncanny rhymes that captures the attention of poets and rappers alike. The topics she addresses range from love, loss, politics and spirituality. No matter how serious the discussion, she always finds a way to add an ounce of humor to lighten the situation. 


Teaming up with fellow radio personality, singer, writer, director and actor, Danyol Jaye, The Prince can now be heard every Wednesday on the On The Jaye Spot franchise as she and Danyol bring you in-depth and thought provoking interviews and topics that cover entertainment, social media, and social justice.  With new endeavors underway to educate, encourage and develop young artists, there is sure to be many great advancements in this young artist's career.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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